It won't be like this for long.

Monday, January 30, 2012
Well, last night we said goodbye to the miracle blanket. Claire has been busting out of her swaddle for some time now. Some nights she wouldn't, but most nights, one or both arms and/or one or both legs (or some combination of the four limbs) would find their way out. Two nights ago, everything was out, and she woke up fussing a bit around 4:00am. I watched her fall right back asleep on the monitor while she sucked on her fingers, but then I realized that she was totally tangled up in the miracle blanket. As much as it has served us well with Henry (for how long, I don't remember) and with Claire for nearly 4 months, it seems her thrashing about causes it to get all tangled up and I'm worried about it getting over her face or around her neck.

So, that morning at 4am, I went in and took it off of her. She woke up and wouldn't take anything but nursing to go back to sleep. When finished, I put her back in with no swaddle, and she slept for another 1.5 hours until she awoke at 6:30 that day.

Last night, I knew we needed to be done with the swaddle. She's just moving around way too much for it to be safe anymore, so cold turkey it was going to be. I was terrified! Our perfect little sleeper has been sleeping through the night for nearly 2 months, and I really, REALLY like that arrangement. It has been amazing, and yes, I say it again, I know how lucky we are to have these two awesome sleepers.

I fed her around 7:15ish like I always do, she fell asleep like she always does and up to her crib she went at about 8pm. I dusted off Henry's old music/light show player and had it playing for a little extra soothing :) We went to bed around 10pm and right when we were getting into bed, she woke up. Since she's been sleeping through the night for so long, I really didn't want to go in and feed her. We know she can go all night, and I really don't want to take any backward steps. So, Ryan went in with a pacifier (which we haven't tried since well before Christmas) and her gloworm. He rocked her back to sleep, put her in the crib, and she was awake before he even laid himself back down in bed.

My turn. I tried to just give her the paci back (yay for two kids who seemingly want nothing to do with the paci) and turn the music back on. Nothing. Totally and completely awake again. So I caved and fed her. After one side, she seemed to be asleep. Put her back in the crib. Played the music player. Awake before I even got back into bed.

Oh man, what are we going to do?! We've been super spoiled with our sleep considering we have two young children. I went back in to feed her the other side, not knowing what I/we were going to do once my milk was out.

But then, as I sat there and nursed her, listening to the songs on the music player that we heard a million times over through Henry's monitor when he was younger, I realized my fretting about whether or not she would stay sleeping was rather ridiculous. It won't be like this for long (awesome Darius Rucker song--tear jerker for parents, for sure). Hearing the music player caused me to shed a few tears, as it was already so long ago that Henry needed that music and us in the middle of the night. Wasn't he just the baby I was holding/rocking and nursing in the middle of the night? All too soon Claire will be a big girl in her toddler bed some day, with no need for her mommy in the middle of the night

And then I embraced the fact that I had that moment with Claire last night, just me and her snuggling, a type of moment Henry outgrew long ago. A moment I will miss and never get back someday. Here's to hoping things slow down and stop going by so fast. Want another tear jerker? Check out this one by Trace Adkins.

Oh yeah. She ended up sleeping the rest of the night after that 10pm feeding.

Oh! This is post 499. That means my next post is the big 500! hard to believe I've pushed that post button 500 times already. Any suggestions for a creative/fun 500 post?

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