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Thursday, January 26, 2012
Claire, in all her beautiful baby glory, as always. One very special surprise in this post though. We'll see if you catch it.

What else is a pretty clearance dress for than to take pretty pictures in it? She wanted nothing to do with this that day though. She was extremely focused on eating her hands. The tooth still hasn't broken through yet, and now I'm not convinced I even see it anymore. The drool and chomping are still rampant, however.

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Oh hey, take a look at who Claire looks like. But there are ones of me floating around she looks just like too. I think she's a perfect 50/50 mix of us, depending on the picture you look at. I don't have anything scanned on the computer though.

ryan claire


And, trying out some pretty fabric I picked up at Joann's. Their little Shakopee store is moving to a new location. That means big sales and liquidation at the current store. Kelly and I plan to go weekly :)

This fabric reminds me of Disney Princess Belle's famous gold dress.

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So, did you catch the surprise? There was a picture of Henry in this post. A posed one. And he was looking. And smiling. And I got it in focus. Nice birthday present he gave me last week.

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