Puppy Hat, Revisited

Saturday, January 7, 2012
I know the puppy hat photos I took of Henry way back in October 2009 (when he was just two months old) were some all-time family favorites. As Claire napped on me the other day, I scrolled through old blog posts. Of all the old photos I looked at, the puppy photos really reminded me of Claire. So, I thought it would be fun to "re-do" them and compare Claire to Henry at the same age. I think they look remarkably alike! What do you think? I see more of Claire in Henry's old photos than I do of what Henry looks like now. So weird!

blog board

Comparison shot.


I'm going to promise myself I won't do this very often. I want them to have their own unique set of photos and not a bunch of the same...I just couldn't resist using that puppy hat again. And look, I even gave it a slight girly touch!

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