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Friday, January 27, 2012
So, there's a giant banner on top of the posts now. Kind of hard to miss. I've added this blog to a mommy blog directory. You can vote and/or rate my blog which will move it higher up in the rankings on the website . 

All you need to do is click that giant banner once per day. That's all and I will love you all for it. (and by all, I guess I mean the 3 additional readers in addition to my immediate families, Kelly and Amanda, as only 3 additional people responded to my "Who are you?" post a few weeks back). I know there are more of you out there ;) and this is an attempt to get even more. I'll remind you from time to time, as it's an ongoing thing. I'm not entirely sure how it all works, but I think if the "votes" (clicking the banner) stop coming, then I am removed from the directory. So, for you daily readers, just click that link each time you visit. :)

I've followed a lot of blogs for a while, and it seems a variety of opportunities can open up as a blog gets more popular, so I'm giving it a try to gain more readers. We will see what happens. :)

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