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Wednesday, February 8, 2012
You won't be able to stand how cute these are. :) The one in the top left? Seriously, LOL.

blog board2

Hat is courtesy of Children's place. It seriously couldn't get any cuter!
And I love how the storyboards turned out. I arrange pictures like this for better blog viewing, but I may just end up printing these off like this! I'd need to make something similar of Claire and they would look great hung up together in the house somewhere.

You would never know the struggle these images were to get, though. On second thought, the word "struggle" is quite possibly a big understatement. We'll just say I gave up after 15 minutes of trying to get ONE good picture and then an hour later somebody decided he really did want to watch Nemo (the promise I made him in exchange for cooperation).

These were all, by the way, taken in our new loft! The whole point of them was primarily to see how the wall photographed and what the light was like in there (and to catch the hat in action, of course). There is one more coat of paint needed downstairs and all the trim work is going up tonight and then it is DONE! After 38 days of a disheveled house, it will all be done tonight! I have been taking progress pictures with my phone and will take some finished ones with the real camera tonight or tomorrow and will have a separate post devoted to all that.

blog board5

He laid down by Claire and she reached her hand out to him. He thought she was trying to hold his hand...and look at how happy he is about it. Love capturing moments like this.


And because I love this one (and have two children napping at the same time), you get to see it now. I'll likely include this on the official 4 month ones as well.


Trying out the new floor in the loft.



Love is all you need said...

Love your pics! What camera do you use?

Jenna said...

I have a Canon 7d with a 50mm f1.2 lens :)

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