5 months!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Our beautiful baby girl is 5 months already! This past month just flew by with all the stuff we had going on. I only spent about 10 minutes on this session because she wasn't really into sitting up and I didn't have any pretty headbands handy that matched anything that fit her, so I was at a loss for outfits. Not much variety for this month, but in the end, I just need one good image per month to use in the 1 year collage I will be making her in October.

I picked up some great stuff at Target today for a super cute spring/easter session, so expect those later this week, hopefully. Plus, I'm so ready to get outside and get pictures of her. 70's all this week, so hopefully we can make something happen!

The adorable shirt that she is wearing was made by Kelly :)

9 squares

At 5 months, here is where we are.

-She is tripod sitting mostly, still topples over pretty quickly, but has had a few instances where she sat for brief periods of time.

-She is rolling over back to tummy ALL.THE.TIME. She pretty much doesn't stay on her back, but yet rarely, will she roll from tummy to back (which is supposed to be the easier skill). She's also started pushing herself up off the floor and will pivot around in circles. Just recently she's become more motivated to try and reach for things I put around her, so I'm guessing army crawling isn't too far away.

-She is LOVING her solid food. Loves it. Twice has she left some in the bowl. Twice.  For breakfast she gets half a container of a fruit and 2 liquid oz of cereal (with however much cereal it takes to get a good consistency--I don't know, as I don't measure it anymore). At lunch she gets a whole container of fruit or vegetable (or half of one and half of another), and for dinner she gets the same amount of cereal with half a container of vegetables. So far she seems to enjoy everything, but especially likes bananas, squash, and when the cereal is made with fresh milk. However, she DOES eat the cereal when it's made with frozen milk (both scalded and not!--yay for very little wasted milk in the freezer). Sadly, the freezer stash will run out quickly, and I can't pump more than 2 ounces before I go to bed for some reason--but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

-She enjoys her exersaucer, but not for great lengths of time. After about 15-20 minutes she is pretty much done with it.

-Loves watching Henry still and laughs at him all the time.

-Nurses 4 times a day at 7, 11, 4 and 7.

-Naps in her crib, consistently, 2 times per day. Her morning nap is from 9:30-11:00, and her afternoon nap is from 1:30-3:30. She also has 4 times this week put herself to sleep right away with no crying (when there was crying it was typically for 5 minutes, tops).

-6:30 is still her cranky time, no matter what.

-Still sleeps through the night, and because of all this rolling from back to tummy, she now most often is sleeping on her belly. I still put her down on her back at night, but she rolls over to her side or tummy at some point during the night.

-Making more expressions and noises/babbles. It seriously looks like she's trying to tell you something sometimes, as she gets this very serious look on her face.

-Height and weight are unknown. She goes for her 6 month check on April 11th.

-Still drooling like crazy and chomping on her fingers, but there aren't any teeth in sight yet.

-She's getting big way too fast for this mommy.

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Layla said...

I love the picture of her in the white pot! So cute!

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