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Thursday, March 29, 2012
Current favorite pictures. Although, I guess my favorite constantly changes as I get the chance (i.e. Henry cooperates) to take more and more pictures as of late. I can't wait till it greens up a little bit more, Claire is sitting 100% and we can take some fun outdoor ones. I am in love with these, however, and I've already ordered a bunch to update the walls. If you can believe it, the oldest print of Claire right now is from about 2 months. Yikes. For those that have been in our house, I'm trying to decide how to update the 3 square picture frames we have in our front room. Right now it's a wedding picture, an engagement picture and a baby picture of Mocha. I plan to replace it with one of Henry, one of Claire, and keeping the wedding one up. I'm pretty much sold on using the one of Henry from a month or so ago when he first wore this hat, but I can't decide on Claire's. I'm stuck between one of these or one from her 4 or 5 month session. Or, waiting until I get something great outside. Too many decisions, and that's why the prints lack in our house.

ANYWAY. Check these out. They're adorable. Or as Henry says, "a-dorb-bable."
Many thanks to Henry for flashing the smiles and holding Claire. It, of course, didn't come without a bribe. Funny thing is it wasn't a movie, chocolate, cookie, emma yum, or anything like that. You'll see at the end.

Four_Rectangles Four_Rectangles_One_Square

Cutest things ever, right? The bribe turned out to be quite ridiculous, but cute nonetheless. See, Henry and I had been looking at old blog posts and we went way back 2 years ago to his first easter. I think he was about 7-8 months old and I sat him in a bucket with a bunch of Easter Eggs. Henry thought it was hilarious, and wanted to do it again. "Mommy, can we take cheese pictures with Easter Eggs again?" So that we did. But the deal was we took pictures in our "fancy" clothes first, and then we'd open the eggs.


So there you have it. One giant kid in a tiny baby bucket surrounded by eggs. With a great big cheesy smile. Easiest. bribe. ever. It's funny to me that the very thing I have to bribe him to do (take pictures) was bribed with taking more pictures. I just LOL'd. at myself. I'm cool like that.

Claire got in on the action too.


I'd link you up to the etsy shop where I got the hat, but my mom doesn't have one ;)

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