Eating Cereal!

Monday, March 5, 2012
We gave Claire cereal for the first time two weekends ago. The first time we made it SUPER runny like you are supposed to, and once finished, it was clear that much more cereal ended up on the bib than in her mouth, but each day as we thickened it up, she seemed to really enjoy it. I'm making it with my milk, both fresh and frozen depending on what I have available (the scalded stuff--which, by the way, Ms. Fussy Pants does NOT seem to be drinking the straight up defrosted/scaled milk out of a bottle any more). She ate cereal all week last week, about 2 times per day. I started with 2 ounces of milk and then thickened it up from there. We started fruit this weekend and she has tried apples and bananas so far. I'm doing a little less cereal and half a package of fruit for breakfast and dinner, and she gobbles it all up. At lunch we are doing half a package of fruit. Only one day has she not finished what I made her. It's so weird to have a kid that eats! I'm not entirely sure if I should give her more or not!

Here are some photos from the first time.

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And, just for fun, a flash back to Henry's first cereal pictures.

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