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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
We love books around here. (Did you see the videos in the previous post?!--if not, stop reading this one and take a look at that post first!).
Anyway, The Lorax has been a favorite since this past summer. Henry's t-shirt I found at Old Navy, and Claire's was found at Target by Henry. We were walking around with Kelly and Henry spotted the "Truffula Tree shirt" for Claire bear. I made him promise me that he'd take "cheese pictures" with Claire bear if I bought her the shirt. It apparently worked. Unlike the last photo I have of the two of them together (the all you need is love one), this session lasted 15 solid minutes, and I love every one of these, outtakes and all.

We also saw the movie this past Sunday. Henry got his own special date with mommy and daddy while Grandma and Bumpa walked around the mall with Claire. He was attentive for the entire movie and ate more than his fair share of popcorn!

First, some of my favorites.




My light was horrible for the ones on the blue blanket, but he was cooperating, so I dealt with it. Subject matter is spot on anyway.


Not likely that a cuter picture than this exists :)


Or this one either, really.


And the rest, including outtakes.




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