What nobody tells you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012
People are full of advice. Especially when it comes to expecting/new mothers. You hear how painful labor is, how you won't sleep, how you won't be able to clean your house, how difficult it will be to do anything with a newborn, infant, child, etc. And then when you add a second child into the mix you hear all about how difficult that will be. How long it will take to adjust into a routine, how will the older sibling deal with their assumed jealousy of a new sibling, etc. etc. etc. You also hear lots of "just you waits" (i.e., this is nothing, it will, amazingly, always get more difficult, it seems), and "enjoy this" (as, obviously, none of this lasts forever).

What nobody tells you, however, is most of the good stuff. Nobody really articulates into words how bringing children into this world completes pieces of your heart and soul that you didn't even know were missing. Nobody tells you how no matter how insanely difficult the day was, and how desperate you were for the clock to tick faster to bedtime, 5 minutes after saying goodnight, you already miss those little faces. Nobody tells you how your heart can swell 5 times over with a little voice simply saying "Hi Mommy!" or with a sweet toothless grin you receive just by making eye contact with your daughter. Nobody tells you that these simple little things will bring happy tears to your eyes time and time again. Being a mother is hard work, that is for sure. Yes, some days are hard, but it's the hard times that challenge us to reflect, learn, and grow to be better.

Looking at your children and seeing reflections of yourself and your very best friend in them (both the good and the bad, and everything in between) and watching them grow into the people you hope to shape them to be is more rewarding than can even be put into words. Nobody tells you that either.

I really love this mother stuff.


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