28 Years

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Somebody's inching closer to 30. :)

We celebrated last Monday night with a date night out (we've been pretty good about doing this once a month so far this year!) and Thursday after Ryan and Henry went to swimming lesson we ate enchiladas and cake.

Now, I definitely had a much prettier vision for this cake, but that's ok. My cupcake book told me I could food color sprinkles if I didn't want to buy every color I needed. Since I was indeed too cheap to spend $3+ dollars per color, I went with the food coloring idea and a big bottle of clear sprinkles. Only thing is, I didn't decide to google "how to food color sprinkles" until 30 seconds before I was going to do it. Turns out there is something called powdered food color that works better for this sort of thing. Hence, it became a giant, stained finger mess and all gloppy/gloopy. It took forever. And then the black gel I had was too thick to write my teeny tiny numbers, so that didn't turn out either. The recipe I used was also somewhat of a bust. I tried out a Guiness Chocolate Cake recipe that had rave reviews (400+ of them), but it didn't hold a torch to the standard chocolate dump cake I usually make.

Word has it, there may be a pirate themed cake for Henry's party. Talk of it even being shaped like a Bucky the Pirate ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I better get my cake making skills in gear.

Back to the Mr. that turned 28. He's getting a custom made pool table light and I got him this print in a giant 20x30 size to hang downstairs in his newly claimed man-cave.


Henry had fun helping with the candles.


And because I always love this shot in black and white too.


Happy Birthday to the best husband/daddy ever :)

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