6 months, aka, 1 half year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
6 fast months have come and gone. It's time to really start soaking this all up, because she's going to be a "toddler" all too soon. This is what I remember as the really fun baby stage with Henry. Smiles, giggles, so much more awareness, the beginnings of babbling, and of course the increased mobility--rolling, crawling, and pulling up that will all happen in the coming months. Photography wise this is my favorite, favorite, favorite age. She can sit up, but she can't crawl away. So aside from the sometimes hard work it is to get her to look at me, I've got plenty of awesome images from this session and hope to get outside a bunch as it warms up, but before she decides she's ready to move!

At 6 months, here is what Claire is doing:

-Smiles, all the time, just as in previous months. :)
-Scoots/rotates around in a circle when on her tummy, and pretty much army crawls BACKWARDS. It's funny to watch.
-Continues to sleep through the night, and puts herself to sleep for naps and sometimes at night if she hasn't already fallen asleep on me.
-Gobbles up solid food like a champ. We've switched to the second stage gerber stuff (bigger containers, more variety/mixes of foods). We've decided we don't like green vegetables though. After eating peas with no problem, she wanted nothing to do with green beans, and then decided against peas after the round of green beans I tried giving her for 3 days.
-rolls around. and around. and around. beginning to roll and reach in the general direction of things she wants to.
-beginning to really explore objects and show great interest in the things around her.
-lots of shrieking sounds.
-showing lots of interest in books. if we're all sitting on the floor and Henry wants to read a story, she will completely lose all interest in whatever toy i have in front of her and stop and listen for the whole book. no joke.
-gets really excited when she sees the three of us.
-and, the first tooth has just broken through!

She weighed in at 15 pounds 7.5 ounces (45%tile) and was 25.5 inches long (45%tile) at her appointment today. Her head percentile was 55%. Taking a look back, she weighs just a few ounces less than Henry did at 6 months, but when looking at the graph, she's moving up on the curve way faster than Henry ever did.

She gets to start eating puffs, cheerios, and soft mashed up stuff like bananas, avocados, noodles, pancakes, soft crackers, etc.

These get my own vote for some of my personal best ever. The light was just perfect, her outfit was SOOO cute, and yes, I made the headband. As a bonus, another little one wanted in on the picture action.

How about some love in the comment section, or the link to this on my facebook page. Comments have really been dwindling in recent times, even from those who check this thing multiple times a day. This means you could either be bored with me or unimpressed with my work. I hope it's neither!



Beautiful Day said...

My grandchildren are beautiful! Great pictures! Happy 6 months Claire Marie, stop growing up so fast!
Love Grams!

Karen said...

Okay the comment above is from kfiland30,not beautiful day. We screwed up!

Anyways love the pictures!

Love Grams!

Beautiful Day said...

Very nice nothing more wonderful then two lovely niece and nephew Henry your a goofball Happy 6 months Claire you are becoming a big girl

With love Uncle Joshie

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