Pulling at your heartstrings.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
At least mine anyway, and those of the grandparents too, I'm sure. Sigh. Makes me want more babies, like now. Not yet though, so don't get too excited. Though I do have this aching in my heart to have a complete family, like something is missing. Knowing that we want more and (hopefully) will have more, I'm anxious for the 1 or 2 more to be here, if you know what I mean. Getting number 2 wasn't exactly a walk in the park, so who knows what's in store for us in the future.

For now, I'll admire these.

Untitled-1 Three_Squares_Three_Rectangles_Grid
My little man. Love the look in the top right. One_Large_Five_Small_Grid Round_Corner_Grid IMG_7130_2 One_Large_Five_Small_Grid2
Lots of love for this one on facebook. Trying to decide how large and where it will hang in the house. IMG_7130 Untitled-2 IMG_7147 IMG_7153

And to pull on the heartstrings just a bit more, this little boy tells me the following hourly: "You're the best mommy ever!" or "You're the best mommy I've ever seen." It doesn't get much better than that.

Oh wait, it does! :) I fixed something for him today to which he responded "Yay, mommy, you fixed it!!!!" And I replied, "Yep, I'm a superhero."

He came back to me five minutes later and said, "You're my hero mommy. I LOVE you."

*off to find some kleenex*.

I wish I could bottle this all up and save it for when he very likely will be saying some opposite things around the ages of 15-18.

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Kelly said...

Love, Love, Love!!!

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