Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
We went to our first game of the season last Saturday, and it was gorgeous! Perfect weather to bring two kids (take a look at that blue sky!) Our season ticket seats are great! These are about the only pictures I took though (didn't even get one of Bumpa--and he was there too!), but when you are lugging a toddler, a baby, a plethora of snacks to get your husband, dad, and brother through the game and a giant, heavy diaper bag that includes every thing except the kitchen sink, you lose some energy to whip out the camera for more than that "one good shot". And the line was too long for the big gold glove. We have many more games to go to, so we'll get some more next time maybe.


And, if you haven't yet seen this (I posed on fb yesterday, I think). You must.

Daddy's birthday post below as well.

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