Celebrating being a mother.

Monday, May 14, 2012
My third Mother's Day already? While I have lots more to post about the day, (including more pictures than just the now tradition of snagging a picture on the chair set I got on my first mother's day), things are just too busy right now. I have a wedding to edit as much as possible in the coming days, a newborn coming in this week, a wedding on Friday, and vacation on Saturday! (just mommy and daddy--more on that later). I also have some adorable 7 month pictures and a 7 month update, but finding time this week will be key. So for now, since my own mother is bothering me for a new post, here's a quick glance at the picture on the porch. While I am fully aware that I likely won't get to spend every mother's day from here on out with all of my kids, I hope I at least get this picture for the next 15 years until Henry presumably moves away to college. Untitled-4

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Karen said...

Love ! Love ! Love ! them!

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