Coming back with a bang!

Friday, June 22, 2012
No 4th of July pun intended but these were indeed, 4th of July inspired. This poor little blog has been so very neglected in the past month and a half, but it's just been one thing after another around here! I know I have tons of stuff left hanging back (our vacation as the main one), but the short 15 minutes this "session" took yielded ALL of these keepers, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them to edit.

Lucky readers (all 4 of you that are left!), the long awaited post.

2012-06-22_001 2012-06-22_002 2012-06-22_003 2012-06-22_004 2012-06-22_005 2012-06-22_006 2012-06-22_007 2012-06-22_008 2012-06-22_009 2012-06-22_010 2012-06-22_011 2012-06-22_012 2012-06-22_013 2012-06-22_014 2012-06-22_015 2012-06-22_016 Virutal pat on the back to anyone who can guess what Henry was screaming in the images where he's screaming. :)


Kelly said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!

Karen said...

Those are two good looking firecrackers!

Amanda Kelley said...

Glad your back! I thought you got lost! :)

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