Pirate Party Details!

Monday, July 30, 2012
The people and action pictures will come soon--but here are some details of what turned out to be a fantastic party for many reasons, but the biggest one being that Henry enjoyed himself completely and is still talking about his pirate party, new pirate toys, walking the plank, digging for treasure and his new fishing pole. I pretty much took a preschool teacher approach (surprising, I know!) and had "stations" and just had the kids free play for about 45 minutes or so. We had "Walk the Plank", Picture Frame making, a Pirate photo booth, swimming, bubbles, digging for treasure, and our playset available. After the kids played, we ate, played a little more, did the pinata, and ate cake! Enjoy! 2012-07-30_014 2012-07-30_012 2012-07-30_009 2012-07-30_008 2012-07-30_007 2012-07-30_003 2012-07-30_002 2012-07-30_013 2012-07-30_001 2012-07-02_005 2012-07-02_001 2012-07-30_010 2012-07-30_011 2012-07-30_015 2012-07-30_016 2012-07-30_017 2012-07-30_018 2012-07-30_005 2012-07-30_004 2012-07-30_020

A quick one.

Thursday, July 26, 2012
I'm using my last few minutes of procrastination here by providing you this little post. T-minus just about 48 hours to party time, and um, there's a bit to do yet. At the very least, all of my crafty projects are completed and patiently waiting in the pantry to be revealed/decorated, etc.

And the house needs to be clean.

And a pirate ship cake needs to be engineered somehow. Wish me luck. Hopefully I'm not in tears 24 hours from now trying to construct this cake. This little boy is very, very excited about his pirate ship cake and continually asks me what it's going to look like and have on it. This momma has to deliver, because this little guy deserves nothing but the most awesome cake you'll ever see :)

3 years


Saturday, July 21, 2012
We're getting pretty excited around here for a big birthday celebration next week. To say I've been having fun planning this party would be a complete understatement. Many thanks to Auntie Kelly for a variety of reasons. Can't wait for his party next week!

We took a few pictures yesterday. Here's a peek.


(Note to self. Next time, don't be lazy and iron new fabric backdrop first instead of thinking it'll be an easy post processing fix. The amount of time I spent "de-wrinkling" the background was ridiculous). A little before and after fun.


There are plenty more, but like I said, these are taking a bit longer in post-production work :) I cannot wait to share pictures of all the fun details I have planned for next week!!

How the mama bird saved her baby from the snake. (9 months)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
True story. I packed up the kids and stroller and ventured over to the Arboretum which is just minutes from our house. I don't like going here too much because you have to cover a lot of area walking to get to a number of my favorite spots, and it's a little hard pushing a double stroller through woodchips. Anywho, I wanted to give it a go for her 9 month photos so that I can save a few of my absolute favorite locations for her 1 year sessions.

Oh wait. Before I go any further, let me take a bow (I hear you all applauding since I'm posting these nine month pictures THE VERY SAME DAY that I took them). Super mom in the house.

ANYWAY, about half way through our session, I took Claire out of her stroller and was about to set her down at the bottom of these wooden set of stairs that had a rock wall right next to it. I don't know what stopped me. Maybe she pulled at my hair or something and I was trying to resituate myself, but something made me look down just a mere second before I put her down on the ground. I literally almost sat her ON TOP OF A SNAKE! (Which apparently popped out from under the stair because it was NOT there when we first pulled up to this spot) Completely not exaggerating when I say her bum was no more than an inch away from the snake. I didn't scream, merely because I was pretty much speechless and jumped back with Claire in my arms. The snake slowly slitered back under the stairs while he hissed and had his toungue sticking out.

It's worth mentioning that I have NEVER seen a snake that wasn't behind some glass up until today. In an effort to not exasperate Henry's already established fear of all things creepy crawly, as soon as we backed up I pointed out the snake so we could wave to it and tell it bye bye. Henry's lucky it was me there and not daddy. Daddy and snakes aren't friends. Thus, we moved on to a new location.

1 hour, 3 outfits, lots of walking, 1 close encounter and we managed to snag these. :) A note on the dresses---the yellow stripe number was a gift from her godmother/"Auntie" Kelly--and it's totally a style Kelly would wear herself, so we're calling it the mini-Kelly dress :). And the flower dress at the bottom was the very first thing I purchased one day after finding out she was a girl. And the first outfit pictured is a combination of old navy, gap and children's place super duper clearance finds. :)

2012-07-10_005 2012-07-10_006 2012-07-10_007 2012-07-10_008 2012-07-10_009 2012-07-10_010 2012-07-10_011 2012-07-10_012 2012-07-10_013 2012-07-10_014 2012-07-10_015 2012-07-10_016 2012-07-10_017 2012-07-10_018 2012-07-10_019 2012-07-10_020 2012-07-10_021

And as far as the 9 month update goes (and I'll roll all of the 8 month stuff in too for now).
-Crawling, first "dada" and pulling herself up to stand (all happened between 7-8 months).
-Standing alone for probably up to 15 seconds already.
-Today, when I had her standing for some of these pictures, she let herself down without crashing down on her bum.
-Cruising along the furniture.
-Climbing up on EVERYTHING. Favorite jungle gym is mommy, though.
-Super interested in Henry and all of his stuff (who is getting better by the day with sharing toys and space).
-Waves bye bye!
-Smiles all the time at everyone!
-Still good with strangers--doesn't appear to have developed stranger anxiety yet, but I bet it's coming soon.
-Eats everything put in front of her. The only things we've tried recently that were just a no go for whatever reason were sloopy joes and peaches. She's got something about peaches. First we stopped the baby food, then I tried diced up gerber ones and then I tried diced up fresh ones. Won't have it. We still give her some of the chunky gerber baby foods because she loves them, but for the most part she is eating what we eat...and yes still, often more quantity than Henry, and absolutely more variety. -Still on same nap and bottle schedule. (usually takes 6-7 ounces in each bottle).
-Holds the bottle herself (though I guess she's been doing that for awhile).
 -Imitating silly sounds and faces. And it sometimes appears that she initiates it too!
-Has randomly "kissed"--i.e. open mouth slobbering on your cheek, but she doesn't do it everytime you ask for a "kissie".
-Loves her puppies!
-Loves baths--HATES getting out! She takes baths right in there with Henry now! Henry will even help wash her up!
-Seems to find everything she shouldn't have. over and over and over. Has taken a number of swims into the dog's water dish. It had to be moved.
-Loves talking to people on skype. Gets super smiley. -Really tries to take off all hats and headbands I put on her. Mostly because she's interested in putting it in her mouth, I'm sure.
-Everything still goes in the mouth, obviously.
-Sleeps with Henry's old baby doll and still sleeps all night.
-Has the saddest protest cry when someone takes something away from her or puts her down when she didn't want to be put down. Also has this funny angry scream when henry takes a toy away from her.

That's about it. I'm almost caught up on editing, so hopefully I can resume regular blogging shortly. :)

2 months ago...

Friday, July 6, 2012
I took these photos. They are the second half of her 7 month photos. Sadly, we are 4 days away from 9 months. 8 month photos are next up on the editing docket. 9 months will be edited and posted right away! I promise! 2012-07-06_001 - Copy 2012-07-06_006 2012-07-06_005 - Copy 2012-07-06_007 2012-07-06_004 - Copy 2012-07-06_003 - Copy 2012-07-06_002 - Copy
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