California Anniversary Trip (day 1)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Can you believe it!!? I get to share some vacation pictures with you! While I had high hopes of having one big vacation post, I got overwhelmed as I was culling through all the images and decided it would be best to take it just one day at a time (although, I really didn't take many pictures at all since it's so annoying sometimes to drag the big camera out and about).

Anyway, so for those that don't know, we took a short little 5 year anniversary trip to Los Angelos back in MAY. Ryan was there on business and I joined him that Saturday after shooting a wedding Friday night. The kids stayed with Grandma and Bumpa and were pretty much sick the whole time with colds.

The trip was much needed and I LOVED California. The first day we spent at Griffith Observatory, hiked around the trails near the Hollywood sign (and never got as close as you could because someone *ahem* took more than one wrong turn). It was a pretty hopping spot and there were tons of tourists and locals out with dogs and running, etc. We saw one guy jogging in a black sweatshirt and pants! It was like high 80's/low 90's, people! So weird!

There were some really great views along the trails and the observatory was pretty cool even though the telescope wasn't open.

We had a quick lunch at the observatory and then headed to Eagle Rock Brewery (such an awesome wife I am for researching some local breweries to try and fitting them into our itinerary!) It was a pretty small place in what appeared to be a slightly sketchy neighborhood, but the beer was excellent! The dark beer you see pictured below was some chocolate/coffee stout concoction and it was delicious! Definitely a new favorite of mine! The types of beers I can now drink is pretty impressive, seeing that I was a fruity drink/ Bud Light girl not all that long ago.

After the brewery we checked into our hotel and found an amazing Dim Sum place for dinner in West Hollywood (it was so good we went back a second night later in the trip!)

Some pictures from day 1!

2012-07-04_002 2012-07-04_003 2012-07-04_004 2012-07-04_005 2012-07-04_006 2012-07-04_007 2012-07-04_008 2012-07-04_009 2012-07-04_010

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