Jake and the Neverland Pirate Birthday Invitations

Monday, July 2, 2012
Ok, so Henry and I are going to be delivering these to neighborhood mailboxes today (and delivering the few we need to mail to the post office later), but I just can't wait to share--so sorry for spoiling it for whoever reads this before getting theirs in the mail, but here are the pictures of Henry's invites.

Of course, I owe a GIGANTIC thank you to my friend Kelly for helping me out and letting me use her Sillhouette Cameo machine (think electronic Cricut---but pretty much blows the Cricut out of the water). All of the cutouts were done on that machine (and Kelly pretty much hand drew it all on the cameo program).

I tied up the sails with some twine from Archivers (all the paper was from Archivers), and wrapped the invite in some burlap before tying it up with more twine and attaching a name tag. Kraft color envelopes are also from Archivers.

So, we are obviously having a Jake pirate party! If you've seen what I've pinnned on pinterest for the cake, that's going to be a bigger undertaking than the invites were, but holy cow, I love planning birthday parties! His birthday banner is going to use pretty much the same paper and burlap elements and I hope to get started on that next!

Our boy is going to be 3! So excited!

2012-07-02_002 2012-07-02_003 2012-07-02_004 2012-07-02_005


Kelly said...

Yay!! They turned out so stickin' awesome! :) Can't wait for the party!

Karen said...

Looks great Ladies !

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