Our California Adventure, Day 2!

Thursday, July 5, 2012
We spent pretty much the entire second day at the beach. Oh wait! First, we took the two block walk from our hotel to the heart of "Hollywood". You know, that big deal walk of fame, Chinese Theater and Kodak Theater area? Guess what? Over.rated. We literally spent 20 minutes there that morning, and it would have been 10 had it not taken us so long to realize that the Kodak Theater was right there next to the Chinese theater. The walk of fame stretched on for much longer than I had ever anticipated in my head, so we definitely didn't go walking around looking for certain names.

The handprints/footprints were mostly of older Hollywood people, but there were current stars mixed in. There weren't as many of those as I thought there'd be, I guess. One of the ones I did note and take a picture of was Will Smith's. The quote he wrote read "Change the World". Ironically, when I left our old apartment the morning of my very first day of student teaching ever, Ryan said something very similar to me ("Go change the world"), half asleep. I think that quote still remains on my "favorite quotes" facebook section.

When Ryan left for his big business trip in May (oh yeah, that happened too--he was gone for 5 whole days back in May. Luckily, my grandma was here for part of it). Anyway, it was a pretty important trip so Henry and I picked out some cuff links and had them engraved for him before he left. On the box I had "Go change the world." engraved.  :)

After our unimpressive visit to the center of Hollywood, we packed up and headed for the Santa Monica Pier/beach. I left my camera in the car because we assumed we'd be swimming and obviously wouldn't be able to watch it. The beach was pretty dead and it was so calm, quiet and relaxing. The water was ice cold, so there was no swimming to be had. Thus, not many pictures on this day either, since I didn't have my camera for half the day. We had an amazing lunch at a burger place on the pier and then drove up to Malibu beach for the rest of the afternoon. Malibu was also amazing, beautiful, and pretty quiet for a late Sunday afternoon.

All the beach pictures? We were sort of trying to recreate the one from our honeymoon in Mexico where I'm wearing the green shirt below.

2012-07-05_001 We needed our Starbucks every morning. Hotel had free edible breakfast, but the coffee was horrible. Ryan's a coffee snob, and he's turning me into one too...just like he turned me into a beer snob. ;) 2012-07-05_003 2012-07-05_002 Handsome red beard :) 2012-07-05_004 2012-07-05_005 2012-07-05_006 2012-07-05_007 Ryan decided to try out the water at Malibu. It was chilly! 2012-07-05_008 2012-07-05_009 I'm not in pictures much. So when I am and there's a good one of me, I get pretty excited. So happy the husband knows his way around the camera. This will probably go down as one of my all time favorite pictures ever. :) And I honestly wasn't posing. I was just trying to keep the hat from blowing away! 2012-07-05_010 2012-07-05_012 Attempting the recreation. Same face. 2012-07-05_013 Thank goodness for my iphone, or there wouldn't be any pictures of us together! Pretty decent quality! The iphone is a better camera than our first two digital cameras were! (Missed focus in this first one, but if I didn't tell you, would you even know the second was taken with a phone camera!?)2012-07-05_015 2012-07-05_016 One more honeymoon flashback! 2012-07-05_018
5 years of marriage. Love him and everything we are together and everything we've created together. We look like a couple of kids in that last picture (umm, likely because we kind of were), but I wouldn't change a thing. We were crazy in love back then, and we still are today. :)

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Amanda Kelley said...

Super cute photos! And I agree, we spent more time at the beach than the other "supposed" attractions!

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