10 Months!

Monday, August 13, 2012
Our baby girl is double digits!! How did this happen?!? Birthday party planning has begun (in my head and in pinterest pins). So, so hard to believe that I'll be taking some sort of birthday picture for her invite next month. Summer has flown by and we are going to have a 1 year old very, very soon.

What's this 10 month old doing?

Getting in to EVERYTHING. Everything sounds all incompassing, but it is sort of limited to things that are Henry's and things she shouldn't have (like dirty shoes, lint off the floor, etc.). You cannot contain this little lady. She's done with the jumper thing. Done. We've had it in the basement since Henry's party, but there's no point in bringing it back up since she spent the two weeks prior to that screaming whenever we put her in there.

Ryan resorted one day, to limiting her area to move with the ottoman. Henry calls it "pirate jail". After a week of that, Claire isn't happy about that either. For the most part, there isn't anything she can get into, and everything that she can reach in the toy closet is safe for her (which is where she spends most of her time)--with her butt and legs sticking out the closet doors (remember the facebook pictures from 2 months ago or so?)

She is babbling a lot, and sounds very intense/intentive at times, but still no "mama" or anything else we really try to get her to repeat. She does seem to be understanding some very basic directions, as some of the time she will crawl to me when I say it's "diaper time", (speaking of which, this girl has no time for diaper changes in her schedule--sometimes it could be a two person job to get that thing on!) and she followed Henry's directions today when he showed her how to put a car down his ramp. It was too cute!

She still eats like a champ. Anything put in front of her. I made an omelet this morning for her and I to share, and I'm pretty certain she ate a solid half of it. I guess she's trying to help me in this weightloss thing!

She is crawling all over still, and can stand for a long time. She also pushes herself to standing without holding on to anything and cruises around the furniture. We've seen maybe some attempts at a half step here or there, but she's just not ready. Her first instinct is to drop down to her knees and crawl to you when you hold something just out of her reach. She might not be walking, but she's smart!

She loves bath time..and I think she knows what "bath time" means now, because she got just about as excited as Henry did at the dinner table when I told him it was a bath night!

She signs more consistently and we think we've seen milk a few times. I've been throwing please, water, drink, eat, help and poop in there too as of late.

Her afternoon naps have been on the shorter side for some reason, as of late (she's talking to herself right now in her crib as I finish this up).

Other than that, she's our adorable baby girl, growing up way too fast! Enjoy the rest of the photos.

This session was about 10 minutes long. Despite his promises to "look for bugs" while I took Claire's pictures, Henry got distressed when he lost a treasured leaf he had found/been holding, and all cooperation on his part was lost at that point. Claire wanted nothing but to put the two different shoes I had brought with in her mouth, take off her headband, crawl towards the bucket I put her in for a few shots, and eat grass. But you'd never know any of that looking at these? Right?

The rest of Henry's 3 year photos will be coming up tonight or during tomorrow's nap time.

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Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful Claire Bear!
Grandma and bumps love you very much!!

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