3 Years!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
As promised, Henry's official 3 year photos. I brought him home only to discover a temperature of 103 something, so this session was about 10 minutes long too. If I get a chance soon, I may take him out again. You can see in the very last grouping of pictures his irritation, but despite his fever that I didn't know about at the time, he gave me some pretty awesome stuff!

What is this child doing at 3?

Academically, he is so ready for preschool. I have no doubt that he will be reading before kindergarten. All the skills that they will "work" on in pre-k (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, letter sounds, counting) he has down pat. I'm guessing he'll be picking up on sight words very soon. His level of understanding, in general, is out of this world, and I can't really even explain what that means. I'm quite certain he's probably gifted, and his reasoning, problem solving, and negotiation skills often are much more in line with that of a 5 year old instead of the 3 years that he is. As per the norm for 3 year olds, the question "why" is ever so often repeated. and repeated. and repeated throughout the day. He is a very curious little boy. Nothing is without reason to him, it seems :)

His language continues to be phenomonal. Every aspect of his language seems to be advanced--from his grammar, to the use of plurals and his extensive vocbulary. His articulation is very good as well (with the exception of articulating the "l" sound---sorry "cwaire bear" and "auntie wizes"--seems like you will remain that for a while ;) . And, when it's just our immediate family around, he never.stops.talking. Refer back to the last sentence of the last paragraph.

He has become super independent, but still wants to be babied sometimes (as his birth-3 teacher explained, toddlers fight and fight and tantrum for their independence during the second year, and then once they hit 3, they want to control EVERY THING around them--so gears switch to telling mommy and daddy what they are and are not allowed to help with). Anyway, he gets dressed completely on his own, wants to pick out his own underwear every day (and would pick out his own clothes if I let him), brushes his own teeth (with real toothpaste), "brushes" his own hair, washes his hair and himself in the bathtub, goes potty completely by himself (and every so often just goes without saying anything), gets his own water from the fridge, gets his own snacks, cleans up (sometimes), and is now allowed to run upstairs to get stuff he wants all on his own.

Motor wise, he last month FINALLY decided that he was going to wear his helmet that he got for his birthday last year. He is learning the scooter, and is now pretty much a pro trike rider! He loves riding around the cul-de-sac (with an adult, of course). Fine motor wise, his use of scissors is pretty phenomonal for a 3 year old, as he is honestly better than most 5 year olds I remember (some 4-5 years haven't even TOUCHED a scissors before going to preschool because of their parents' fear). Common sense would dictate having kids practice on blunt scissors, under direct supervision, and keeping said scissors completely out of reach when not in use. That's what I've done for the last 6 months, and now I have a preschool teacher's dream. A 3 year old that knows his way around a pair of scissors. He's not cutting out shapes, but he can snip and cut down a straight line all on his own :). We are still working on his pencil grasp. He REALLY wants to still use a fisted grasp. He can pretty much write his name. He's known the letters for forever, and when he writes it the H, E, and N are always recognizable, and sometimes the R and Y are.

Socially, he has definitely made some gains, but still displays many of the behaviors indicated in the bombshell post from a few months ago. He honestly does better when I'm not around. He definitely plays it up with me, for sure. He's been with some of the neighbors a few times without me, and always does fine. Thankfully, his social skills will get a great boost with preschool and the help he will get AND since I will be watching two of our adorable neighbors' kids starting in less than two weeks, he'll have some constant playmates around. :) He has done some really awesome things as of late, and every time I've seen him talk to another kid, share, initiate "hi" or ask to play, I seriously cry every time. I am so confident that he will gain the skills he needs going to preschool for the next two years.

Speaking of preschool, he starts on the 4th, or something like that. The first day is just a 1 hour open house with me there, and then he's right at it by himself on the 6th. We haven't received a school supply list, but we did pick out our very first backpack. With a choice between some cute animals, Cars, Thomas, and Buzz, it was a slam dunk choice for Buzz. (mommy preferred the cute animals, but I let him have what he wanted).

Still super picky about what he eats and still eats not very much most of the time. Make this kid some super thin pancakes, and he'll eat three of them. He also tried "pasanga" a few weeks ago, but wouldn't eat it a few days ago. Go figure.

In general, other things he's really interested in or into right now include the following (I will just bullet point because I'm tired of writing out sentences.)
-Spaceships, planets, stars
-Reading -Riding his trike
-Playing in his playhous
-Looking for treasure in his sandbox
-Helping mommy fold laundry
-Making "turkey pancake sandwiches", "chocolate soup" and other crazy concoctions with his food sets and kitchen
-bugs and his bug net
-helping me pick tomatoes out of the garden
-making Claire giggle
-putting his stuffed animal "buddies" to bed. (he covers them up, kisses them goodnight and says sweet dreams)
-was WAY into the olympics. especially the swimming events. he called it "the water show". we need to get this kid back into swimming lessons. he can take his first independent lesson this fall as a 3 year old!
-loves going to Target (big surprise there. seriously, i'm going to start a petition for target to develop a "frequent flier" program).
-loves art time--especially cutting paper with scissors and using stickers
-loves hats. he has a ton. most days he puts a hat on 5 minutes after waking up.

I'm guessing there is more, but I think the "Cwaire bear" is up. Enjoy the pictures.

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Karen said...

Such a big boy! Grandma and bumps love you so much!
You will do great in school!!

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