Balloon Comparison

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
This is meant to compare the two children at 1 year of age (not necessarily to compare the craptastic photography featured in Henry's 1 year to my current level of work in Claire's photo, but compare if you must!) Henry was around 7 days shy of 1 and Claire is about 15 days out (I had to start early to get everything in with my busy professional schedule coming up).

The hot air balloonish look with the balloons and the basket came from pinterest, I won't take that idea as my own. I just provided the cute kid :) She was scared of the balloons at first, so thank goodness I was able to muster up some smiles with the help of Auntie Kelly. :)

We didn't get too many, but I'll share the rest as it gets closer to her birthday.

Next up, the cake smash :)

Don't forget to check out the orchard photos in the previous post. Can you believe it!? Three posts in 1 week!!

Apple Orchard, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012
As I said in the last post, we've been going to an apple orchard for the past 6 years (making this year's trip the 7th trip). Check out the previous post for a look back at all those years. We went to Ferguson's Orchard down in Galesville, WI, which is close to where my parents live. As news outlets have been discussing for some time, the apple crops were a little lackluster this year. Fortunately, after two longs walks (one up a giant hill that my mom really enjoyed) we were able to find enough Fuji and Golden Delicious to fill up our bags.

I'm pretty sure apple picking is one of Henry's favorite activities. Too bad it only comes around once a year! Claire also had her first bite of apple and it was love at first bite. You couldn't pry that thing away from her! The weather was a little on the chilly side, but a perfect fall day, complete with a nice overcast sky, perfect for capturing all these wonderful pictures with my new guy, named Mark :)

I could frame a bunch of these. I hope I actually get around to doing so. At the very least, you will find a large version of that vertical family picture hanging in our house at some point. :) Enjoy the photos!

2012-09-24_001 2012-09-24_002 2012-09-24_003 2012-09-24_004 2012-09-24_005 2012-09-24_006 2012-09-24_007 2012-09-24_008 2012-09-24_009 2012-09-24_010 2012-09-24_011 2012-09-24_012 2012-09-24_013 2012-09-24_014 2012-09-24_015 2012-09-24_016 2012-09-24_017 2012-09-24_018 2012-09-24_019 2012-09-24_020 2012-09-24_021 2012-09-24_022 2012-09-24_023 2012-09-24_024 2012-09-24_025 2012-09-24_026 2012-09-24_027 2012-09-24_028 2012-09-24_029 2012-09-24_030 2012-09-24_031 2012-09-24_032 2012-09-24_033 2012-09-24_034 2012-09-24_035 2012-09-24_036 2012-09-24_037 2012-09-24_038 2012-09-24_039 2012-09-24_040 2012-09-24_041 2012-09-24_042

6 Years of Apple Picking

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Because I don't have nearly all these awesome photos done from our weekend trip to the apple orchard, I quickly put together a little collage of photos from each year we've gone, a 6 year tradition for Ryan and me now. Crazy how different things look after 6 years :)

apple orchard timeline

Claire Bear is 11 Months!

Thursday, September 13, 2012
We are almost to 1! Hard to believe, but it's true. This little baby girl is moving on to toddlerhood soon. I know she was just in my belly, right? This was a very quick session mostly due to her lack of interest in smiling and because I'll be doing 3-4 separate "sessions" for her one year, all I needed was 1 "good" one and I got a couple.

The dress? $12 clearance from the Gap last fall/winter. People are ridiculous if they shell out full price for these little dresses (which when the lines first come out, some of these dresses carry price tags of $50 dollars!) No thanks! I wait the few weeks before it goes on clearance and then wait a few more until they have their extra % off clearance. I have two more beauties waiting in her closet because of this.

And of course, what cute dress would be complete without adorable shoes and headband? I made the headband, and the shoes were on her and then promptly taken off when I realized she wanted nothing to do with me with her shoes on, so barefoot she had to be :)

What is this 11 month old doing?

-Some glimmers of what we thought was "mama" a few times, but only when in distress. I'm pretty convinced she's saying "puppies" and it comes out "puppa". It's so cute!!
-Pointing at things. Sometimes she verbalizes with it. She's usually pointing at us, Henry, the puppies and the TV.
-Recognizes "blankie" and "Dora". She will find her blankie when you say "Where is your blankie?' and she points to Dora in books.
-Taking more and more steps. Yesterday she took about 10 in a row and more frequently takes about 5-6 now. I'm guessing she'll have it down within the month.
-Loves reading books (though unless she's really tired, she only has the attention span for a short board book.)
-Starting to want to figure things out. Yesterday she was playing with a toy pot from the kitchen set and was getting all frustrated with herself (known via the noise she kept making) because she couldn't get the lid to stay on.
-Clapping! She finally claps! She'll sometimes initiate it so we do it with her, and she always starts clapping when I sing (she LOVES Slippery Fish!).
-Was signing "all done", doesn't do "more" as much, and imitates milk every once in a while (though we did see her initiate it once!)
-Continues the game of peek a boo if you start it with her.
-Dances. She bounces up and down and sometimes claps and shakes her head. Oh, the cuteness.
-Starting to share food with the puppies, as we occasionally catch her tossing something down to the two puppies in waiting.
-Pushes Henry's old truck around, the grocery cart and anything else that's around.
-Eats anything you put in front of her, for the most part. I went and re-read Henry's 11 month update and he was feeding himself with a spoon--we haven't even let her try! She's been anti spoon for a while, so maybe I"ll give that a go for dinner tonight!
-We just transitioned her to colder formula. She seems to drink it way better than when it was warmed up! T-minus 3 weeks to whole milk transition--bye bye formula!
-Just bought her her first real toothbrush, so we'll try that out tonight!

Birthday Party Planning is in full swing! Invitations are going out in the mail tomorrow!

2012-09-12_015 2012-09-12_014 2012-09-12_013 2012-09-12_012 2012-09-12_011 2012-09-12_010 2012-09-12_009 2012-09-12_008 2012-09-12_007 2012-09-12_006 2012-09-12_005 2012-09-12_004 2012-09-12_003 2012-09-12_002 2012-09-12_001
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