Claire Bear is 11 Months!

Thursday, September 13, 2012
We are almost to 1! Hard to believe, but it's true. This little baby girl is moving on to toddlerhood soon. I know she was just in my belly, right? This was a very quick session mostly due to her lack of interest in smiling and because I'll be doing 3-4 separate "sessions" for her one year, all I needed was 1 "good" one and I got a couple.

The dress? $12 clearance from the Gap last fall/winter. People are ridiculous if they shell out full price for these little dresses (which when the lines first come out, some of these dresses carry price tags of $50 dollars!) No thanks! I wait the few weeks before it goes on clearance and then wait a few more until they have their extra % off clearance. I have two more beauties waiting in her closet because of this.

And of course, what cute dress would be complete without adorable shoes and headband? I made the headband, and the shoes were on her and then promptly taken off when I realized she wanted nothing to do with me with her shoes on, so barefoot she had to be :)

What is this 11 month old doing?

-Some glimmers of what we thought was "mama" a few times, but only when in distress. I'm pretty convinced she's saying "puppies" and it comes out "puppa". It's so cute!!
-Pointing at things. Sometimes she verbalizes with it. She's usually pointing at us, Henry, the puppies and the TV.
-Recognizes "blankie" and "Dora". She will find her blankie when you say "Where is your blankie?' and she points to Dora in books.
-Taking more and more steps. Yesterday she took about 10 in a row and more frequently takes about 5-6 now. I'm guessing she'll have it down within the month.
-Loves reading books (though unless she's really tired, she only has the attention span for a short board book.)
-Starting to want to figure things out. Yesterday she was playing with a toy pot from the kitchen set and was getting all frustrated with herself (known via the noise she kept making) because she couldn't get the lid to stay on.
-Clapping! She finally claps! She'll sometimes initiate it so we do it with her, and she always starts clapping when I sing (she LOVES Slippery Fish!).
-Was signing "all done", doesn't do "more" as much, and imitates milk every once in a while (though we did see her initiate it once!)
-Continues the game of peek a boo if you start it with her.
-Dances. She bounces up and down and sometimes claps and shakes her head. Oh, the cuteness.
-Starting to share food with the puppies, as we occasionally catch her tossing something down to the two puppies in waiting.
-Pushes Henry's old truck around, the grocery cart and anything else that's around.
-Eats anything you put in front of her, for the most part. I went and re-read Henry's 11 month update and he was feeding himself with a spoon--we haven't even let her try! She's been anti spoon for a while, so maybe I"ll give that a go for dinner tonight!
-We just transitioned her to colder formula. She seems to drink it way better than when it was warmed up! T-minus 3 weeks to whole milk transition--bye bye formula!
-Just bought her her first real toothbrush, so we'll try that out tonight!

Birthday Party Planning is in full swing! Invitations are going out in the mail tomorrow!

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