Apple Orchard, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012
As I said in the last post, we've been going to an apple orchard for the past 6 years (making this year's trip the 7th trip). Check out the previous post for a look back at all those years. We went to Ferguson's Orchard down in Galesville, WI, which is close to where my parents live. As news outlets have been discussing for some time, the apple crops were a little lackluster this year. Fortunately, after two longs walks (one up a giant hill that my mom really enjoyed) we were able to find enough Fuji and Golden Delicious to fill up our bags.

I'm pretty sure apple picking is one of Henry's favorite activities. Too bad it only comes around once a year! Claire also had her first bite of apple and it was love at first bite. You couldn't pry that thing away from her! The weather was a little on the chilly side, but a perfect fall day, complete with a nice overcast sky, perfect for capturing all these wonderful pictures with my new guy, named Mark :)

I could frame a bunch of these. I hope I actually get around to doing so. At the very least, you will find a large version of that vertical family picture hanging in our house at some point. :) Enjoy the photos!

2012-09-24_001 2012-09-24_002 2012-09-24_003 2012-09-24_004 2012-09-24_005 2012-09-24_006 2012-09-24_007 2012-09-24_008 2012-09-24_009 2012-09-24_010 2012-09-24_011 2012-09-24_012 2012-09-24_013 2012-09-24_014 2012-09-24_015 2012-09-24_016 2012-09-24_017 2012-09-24_018 2012-09-24_019 2012-09-24_020 2012-09-24_021 2012-09-24_022 2012-09-24_023 2012-09-24_024 2012-09-24_025 2012-09-24_026 2012-09-24_027 2012-09-24_028 2012-09-24_029 2012-09-24_030 2012-09-24_031 2012-09-24_032 2012-09-24_033 2012-09-24_034 2012-09-24_035 2012-09-24_036 2012-09-24_037 2012-09-24_038 2012-09-24_039 2012-09-24_040 2012-09-24_041 2012-09-24_042

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