Happy Halloween 2012!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Surprised, right? Images up on the blog the DAY THEY WERE TAKEN? They were too cute I couldn't handle waiting to post these. It was a perfect night for trick or treating. Henry was TOTALLY into it, and so polite with his "Trick or Treat, thank you, Happy Halloween!". It was too cute. He pulled Claire in the wagon for a little ways and was so excited to be knocking on doors for candy. Such a change from last year where he wouldn't even put his costume on! Claire, obviously, didn't get it, but was pretty excited about her wagon ride. When people would ask Henry if he wanted some candy for his little sister, he would take it and put it in the wagon with her. Towards the end of the night someone finagled her way through a butterfinger wrapper and had eaten half of it before we noticed! Whoops! We all had a great time and can't wait until next year. Now, onto that candy! 2012-10-31_013 2012-10-31_014 2012-10-31_015 2012-10-31_017 Love this one to pieces!! 2012-10-31_016 2012-10-31_018 2012-10-31_019 2012-10-31_020 2012-10-31_021 2012-10-31_022 2012-10-31_023 2012-10-31_024 2012-10-31_025 2012-10-31_026 2012-10-31_027 2012-10-31_028 2012-10-31_029 2012-10-31_030 2012-10-31_031 2012-10-31_032 2012-10-31_033

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