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Friday, January 18, 2013
pregnancy announcement

On Sunday, December 2nd, Ryan, the kids and I were leaving the Mall of America and getting ready to drop Ryan off at the airport for a 3 day work trip to California. (for those that remember, this was the weekend that started the December sickness from hell--Claire's week long fever, pink eye for both kids, ear infections for both kids)

Right before I was going to pull out of our parking spot, we got the call. We had not one, but TWO offers on our house. One offer was really great, the other not so much. I was in tears. There was so much uncertainty leading up to this. We were so unbelievably lucky to sell our house in 17 days in today's market. So, so, blessed.

As I said, Ryan was off to California, so we did a little happy dance, officially accepted the better offer and off Ryan was on an airplane. Short lived celebration, as I was now stuck home by myself with two really sick kids while I was feeling like ish myself. It was going to be a LONG 3.5 days.

For a few nights, I had been waking up with severe night sweats. Like, as disgusting as it sounds, I could wipe the sweat off my face/chest/neck. It was gross. This, however, had happened to me before. Back in August, before I had miscarried, this was one of my symptoms. Really sweaty nights. I, as per usual with my messed up body, hadn't had any flickr of hope of a normal cycle since the D&C I had had on September 28th.

There was an extra test sitting in our bathroom. I was all alone, totally emotional over the house. Apparently that moment was as good a time as any to whip out another test that would be negative.

Only, I gasped as the second faint line showed up. No cycles. No physical proof of ovulation. But somehow, it happened again.

Ryan wasn't even on the ground yet. I had to keep this info all to myself for an entire hour until he landed in California. It was brutal.

Naturally, after you have 3 miscarriages, I was a little reserved and likely a bit less eager to be excited than I have been in the past, fearing that the worst had a higher chance of happening again.

December was a crazy month. I finished watching Ella and Cole, we took our house hunting trip down here to Texas, and then all the holiday celebration and traveling followed incredibly quickly by the day our house was packed up on the 26th. There was barely a chance to breathe, let alone worrying about the pregnancy.

As stressful as this time was for us, I think it actually helped me be less stressed about the pregnancy. Before we knew it, it was January 2nd, and I knew I had to be at least 8-9 weeks. The day we had our ultrasound, I was almost dead-on. We measured 8 weeks, 1 day, saw a beautiful little bean on the screen and heard a healthy heartbeat. The odds are on our side that this pregnancy is going to result in our 3rd child, not a 4th miscarriage.

I announced to the facebook world the other day after my 10 week appointment and confirming that there was still a healthy heartbeat ticking away inside of me.

So sorry, baby #3, but we didn't take the 10 week bump picture on Tuesday (Tuesdays are my change days). We'll start at week 11, like we did with Henry ;).

For those that want to know, I visibly look pregnant with this bloat. I remember someone actually asked me at 10 weeks with Claire.

As for how I've been feeling, like clockwork, at 6 weeks (just like with Henry and Claire), icky feelings of nausea that last all day. I totally could have puked at least a hundred times in the past month, but since I hate puking, I don't, lol. I've also been exhausted and lacking energy to do most things. Although, I would say that that seems to be picking up a little bit this week. My ishy feelings were all over around 12 weeks with each of the other kids, so I'm hopeful I'm just about through feeling crummy.

Side note? Remember my facebook post about my super mom status getting through the airport with 2 children, 2 bags, 2 car seats and 1 double stroller? An even more awesome feat as that weekend was when I REALLY started feeling sick. Thankfully, for some reason, I felt fine on the plane ride.

I've been craving soups, my usual italian, fruit snacks, and peanut butter crunch cereal. McDonalds also has tasted REALLY good lately. I am proud to say that I cooked pretty healthy meals every night this week (bonus that they all actually turned out and were Ryan approved to be made again!).

That's about it. Week 11 on Tuesday.

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Gina said...

Congratulations!!!! What a cute way to announce!

We are expecting #3 as well, in early June! Also, coincidentally, we were surprised to be pregnant after an early miscarriage only a month before.

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