Claire is 15 months (and some Henry thrown in)

Thursday, January 10, 2013
After two days of nearly non-stop rain down here in Texas we were all quite ready to get out of this house apartment. Beautiful sunshine and near 60 degrees! I actually broke a sweat trying to chase Claire down.

She's pretty much confirmed for the 3rd month in a row that there will NOT be smiling, looking, and standing still with her at the same time. There just won't. I captured a few smiles, but she wasn't looking at me in any. And she wouldn't stay put to take a decent one with Henry. She really is our Dora the Explorer.

In terms of her 15 month development, here is where she's at:

Communication: everything she drinks is "wa-wa". She asks for "wa-wa" all the time. She also does lots of reaching and grunting yet towards things she wants, but has thrown in some new words recently including "cracker" which was just yesterday (that one you just have to hear!), puppa much more consistently for puppy, Henry (which comes out uh-rey), mama (that finally broke through right before Christmas I think), up, down, ball, bear which she uses consistently for her coveted pink bear lovie and for her favorite book "We're going on a Bear Hunt". We've heard baby a few times, chhhh (for cheese), toe (for toast), and baba for bottle (that's water bottle--she's been off the baby bottles for a while). She also consistently still signs more, please, and eat. Combine those three, and that's probably her favorite thing to say, lol.

Cognitive: Getting really interested in what big brother is doing, and in some of her newer toys like puzzles, shape sorter, wooden cookies (that velcro), and her piggy bank that counts coins. She also the other day, to my surprise, was able to point to a number of animals in her new animal book (including animals that I haven't really touched on with her)--chicken, monkey, elephant, zebra, puppy, kitty, ducky, fish, piggy, birdy, lion, cow and giraffe. We have a couple good object books like that and I'm excited to see what general objects she can already point to. She also is understanding humor quite a bit lately as she does things to intentionally make Henry laugh and vice versa and they'll go back and forth for a while. She's also learning what things she shouldn't be doing, and very well knows some of them because she'll stop, look at us with a smile, and wait for us to stop her before she actually does whatever said behavior she shouldn't be doing. And she's persistent. Just like Henry was. She also can point to her belly or button, toes, fingers, ears, teeth, mouth, nose and her eyes!

Fine Motor: Beginning to get really good feeding herself with a spoon. Her only problem that remains is not realizing that you can't swing the spoon around with food on it before it gets to her mouth. She also is able to get many of her shapes into her shape sorter, and can get the plastic coins into the piggy bank slot.

Gross Motor: Loves to walk fast/run and thinks it's sooo funny. Case in point during today's pictures. She tries to run, so she laughs. Which in turn makes Henry laugh, and she totally loves when he starts laughing, which makes her laugh even more, which in turn makes her try to run faster, which makes me have to run to catch up to her before she nose dives into the concrete. oofda. She's also part monkey. She tries to climb on everything. She even learned that if she moves her little shape sorter bucket over to the couch she can use it as a handy dandy step stool.

Social: Like I said above (I guess it could have gone down here), her relationship with Henry is really starting to blossom. She loves to follow him around, laugh with him, and pretty much watch whatever crazy thing he is doing. Their favorite "game" to play right now is what Henry calls "leash walk". He takes the dog leash, let's Claire hang on to one end and she follows him around the apartment. He also sings a made up song while they do it. I'll have to get it on video. She seems a little attached to mommy when both Ryan and I are around but I think that's pretty age appropriate. And, she loves to flirt. Seriously, and it is usually some man at a store or restaurant or something. She'll just be all cute, and then they of course make silly faces, so she laughs and makes silly faces back. sigh. i hope it's not a sign that we're in for it later in life. Take something away and she gets mad. Sometimes, it's really cute.

Adaptive: Somehow on a fluke got her own shirt off the other week. If you pull down her pants a little she eventually gets those off, gets her socks off, takes her diaper off occasionally, and if you unzip her jammies she can at least get her arms out. She's been requesting to have most of her clothes taken off of her the past few days. She apparently enjoys running around in her diaper, lol. Drinks everything from a sippy cup, uses a spoon, eats anything and whatever we are eating, sleeps through the night AND sleeps in late (sometimes until 8am!--a much more appropriate time compared to Henry's 5:30am).

I think that's about it. Onto the few pictures of her (and additional ones of Henry) I was able to get today.

2013-01-10_001 2013-01-10_003 2013-01-10_002 2013-01-10_004 2013-01-10_005 2013-01-10_006 2013-01-10_007 2013-01-10_008 2013-01-10_009 2013-01-10_010 2013-01-10_011 2013-01-10_012

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