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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
This boy.

He's transitioning with this move better than I expected, but still giving us a run for our money somedays. Our most challening times remain the same that they have always been though, and that is meal times. Unless breakfast is a donut, lunch is a pizza lunchable, and dinner is McDonald's chicken nuggets, there is pretty much no guarantee that this child will eat more than a handful of bites.
Since the move, he's dropped what used to be preferred foods (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and grilled cheese) and has become increasingly more picky about others (nuggets have to be a certain kind, pizza has to be a certain kind, but is still hit or miss depending on the day, etc.)
You've heard me talk about this before. If I was more ambitious, I'd link all the different times a blog entry has been dedicated to Henry's lack of weight gain and his struggles with eating. It started when he was just 4 months old (lack of weight gain) and the unwillingness to eat most offered foods began at 7 months. Ryan's seen me cry about this before. His teachers/evaluation team members have heard it, his two pediatricians have heard it. This child doesn't eat. He doesn't eat a varied diet, he doesn't eat many healthy things, and he doesn't eat enough of the things he DOES choose to eat. He doesn't eat things normal kids do (macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, noodles with sauce, cheeseburgers, applesauce, cereal bars, eats very few cereals, and has even turned down trying chocolate cheerios and crunch berries). I could go on about what he doesn't it. He never qualified for school OT help before he turned 3, and they don't help this with the help he was/is going to get through preschool.
I made this decision that we would explore the idea of feeding therapy before we moved, but it obviously made little sense to get the ball rolling until we were down here. 1.5 weeks into it, I have his evaluation all lined up. Our insurance coverage is great for this, so I'm hoping (assuming) he'll qualify to get private feeding help. I've heard a few stories of absolutely GREAT success in getting kids to eat more and especially a bigger variety of things.
Mealtimes are hard for us, really, really hard. It's a struggle to eat healthier since Henry won't try anything, and thus 70% of dinners, I'm making him something else, which is the number one thing you aren't supposed to do, but Ryan and I can only stomach so much spaghetti (Henry's plain of course), pizza and McDonalds/Culvers.
If you follow me on pinterest, you've seen I've been crazily adding new recipes (trying to choose healthier things) so that I'll have a good repitore of things to try down the road with Henry. This is more than picky eating. A typical picky toddler/preschooler will eat pizza. They will eat macaroni and cheese. They will eat Cheerios. They will eat hot dogs. I wish I had done this ages ago, but he's still young enough that we should be able to make great changes.
I don't know much about what exactly it will entail, how long it will last, how fast Henry will be willing to change and try things, but I know it's worth every ounce of money and effort to make our meal times a much happier place for all of us. I'll be sure to post updates as we get into it, but, obviously, don't expect me to post a picture of Henry eating a steak next week. ;)

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Good luck!

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