Sweet Pea #3: Week 16

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
We take this picture early in the morning before Ryan goes to work. So there is virtually no natural light. thus, orange-y toned picture. moving right along.

Sibling Love

Monday, February 25, 2013
These two. They've been starting to have their share of sibling quarrels/disagreements/etc (in the cutest way that a quarrel can be when a 16 month old is on one side of it). Claire has quickly learned "mine!!" from Henry, and she voices it, umm, often. As does Henry. He has this strange rule that she can't have any of his stuff (most of the time), but when he wants to play with her stuff, of course it's ok. I'm sure we all know how that goes.

Claire, is of course, gaining a little personality and opinion and is not always willing to share anymore--at least if she's already engaged with something. You'd think someone had crushed Henry's dreams with the drama/cry/pout he puts on while wailing "Claire won't share with me."

But, for every moment like that, we also see moments like this, where they show nothing but love for each other.


A few nights ago, Ryan was just going to give Henry a bath because I had taken Claire in the shower with me earlier (hoping she won't be freaked out about showers at Henry's age). Henry threw a royal fit, crying all the way up the stairs that he wanted Claire to take a bath too.

When Ryan asked him why, he replied, "Because I love Claire."

And then yesterday, Claire woke up from nap before Henry. When Ryan brought him downstairs, Claire stopped what she was doing, running to the stairs yelling "nen-nen" (how she says henry right now!) and then moved in for a hug and a kiss when he got to the bottom.

Any time I hear "Hey mommy, come look at us!" it ALWAYS means something cute and camera worthy is going down. Always. This time, I actually had the camera ready.

2013-02-25_002 2013-02-25_003 2013-02-25_004

As their relationship continues to grow, it gets me even more excited to see both of them with their new sibling this summer. :)

What does feeding therapy look like?

Thursday, February 21, 2013
I'm typing this on the ipad, so I apologize for the typos and weird formatting, because the ipad wont let me scroll down the compose window. weird. This is about 8-9 minutes long, and is mostly being posted for those who are curious about what Henry's feeding therapy actually looks like.

To recap, he goes twice a week for about 30-40 minutes. His SLP (speech and language pathologist) is fabulous and has already built a great rapport with him after 3 weeks.

He is now up to 6 new foods he has tried since starting (different flavors count as new, as well as different shapes--as in noodles) which include fig newtons, strawberry cereal bars, blueberry cereal bars, rigatoni noodles, apple cereal bars, and chicken fries. He's also put peanut butter and jelly back into his repertoire and has had grilled cheese again after refusing it for almost 2 months.

Some things I want to point out:

Henry needs this. His response to food, eating, trying new things and the amount he's willing to eat is NOT normal. Not even close. It's safe to say that it's never been normal. It goes well beyond the typical picky eater. I was a picky eater, but I ate hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, any pizza, corn dogs, grilled cheese, and all that other "kid stuff" growing up. I've accepted that he needs help and I'm so glad we've found a good fit and that he's already making changes.

You can see in the video the strategies Holly uses (and doesn't use).

-she doesn't push anything if he is clearly saying no. She will try again later, but there is no forcing, no tricking, no hiding.
-huge amounts of positive praise for even the smallest feat.
-Henry puts everything into his mouth himself. No forcing, all his choice. Eventually, you can see that after refusing the apple cereal bar for the first half of therapy, he ends the video willingly eating a giant chunk of it, because it was later paired with a choice between that and a tator tot (even more less desirable to him). And, in the process, obviously found out he liked apple ones too.

He's had three different flavors/brands of cereal bars this week. Three. I'm guessing the last time he ate a cereal bar was probably when he was around Claire's age. That would be over two years ago. Two years. I've bought them and offered them many times during that span, but never once did he even touch it. His first therapy session he wouldn't even tolerate it on his plate. You can see how distracting Claire is (well, maybe not, because I cut a lot of that out) and why we now sit in the waiting room so Henry has his full attention on the food and Holly. Every time he tries something new, he gets a smiley face sticker. For every five (one row full) he gets a pack of fruit snacks. Nice the whole chart is full, he will get a special toy. He's super motivated by this. There's a lot of first this, then that, as you can see towards the end with the flash cards. He saw them on her shelf and wanted to see them. First he had to take a bite of something new (I think that's when he tried the apple first)and then had to take subsequent bites to continue looking at the cards. He's really proud of himself. We're really proud of him. We have a long way to go, but meal times have already changed immensely for us and we appreciate everyone's support as we continue down this road of therapy, celebrating even the tiniest accomplishments, even if that means eating a new type of noodle. :)
Henry Feeding Therapy from Jenna Sefkow on Vimeo.

Fall Family Photos, 4 months late.

Saturday, February 16, 2013
I was flipping through (or scrolling rather, I guess) the old blog and realized that I NEVER put our entire fall family session up! I've had some images on the banner for quite some time, and have varied many of these photos on my fb profile and cover images, but whoops, never all of them here.

I remember being very anxious about how Henry would do, but, as you can see, he did awesome. Currently in the process of ordering a number of these for our walls! A bunch of the ones of just Ryan and I are going in our master bedroom (since someday, yellow/gray will be our color scheme in there). I seriously love these images more than our wedding ones. Oh, to go back in time. Anyway, here they are, finally, in their entirety.

2013-02-16_001 2013-02-16_002 2013-02-16_003 2013-02-16_004 2013-02-16_005 2013-02-16_006 2013-02-16_007 2013-02-16_008 2013-02-16_009 2013-02-16_010 2013-02-16_011 2013-02-16_012 2013-02-16_013 2013-02-16_014 2013-02-16_015 2013-02-16_016 2013-02-16_017 2013-02-16_018 2013-02-16_019 2013-02-16_020

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Thanks to Auntie Kelly for the idea! Hearts and letters made with my new silhouette cameo machine. pretty excited to start thinking of a little something to craft up and add to our gender reveal session coming up.

Anatomy scan is March 19, but gender revel isn't until the 26th. Ryan and I will need to put that envelope under lock and key during that time and mail the key away to someone, lol.

Our Valentine photo attempt. Not done in enough time for me to print cool photo cards for Henry's party at school, next year though! Claire pretty much said "no thanks" anyway.

2013-02-14_001 2013-02-14_002 2013-02-14_004

Claire Bear is 16 months!

Monday, February 11, 2013
Umm, so I really love...no, like REALLY love being able to shoot outside in the "winter". (However, my mind and body are still crazily confused hearing and seeing others talk about winter when I feel like I'm living in April or May). It is completely amazing to me. I have these shots and not some crappy makeshift indoor ones--because, really, she'd never sit for that anyway. +1 point for Texas and its weather.

So, this monkey. Yes, totally convinced she is part monkey. She climbs on everything. Has learned how to bring a little stool over to the couch, chair, and kitchen table to get up on places she can't get to on her own. And she is relentless. And knows what she's doing and has a VERY distinctive smile and laugh for us after we say "no, no, no!". Followed quickly by Ryan and I turning away and laughing because she's so damn cute.

She loves grabbing things of Henry's and running away with them, because she loves when he chases her, giggling the whole way down the hall. She also makes sure she does SOMETHING to make it known to Henry that she has something she KNOWS he doesn't want her to have. Girl needs some lessons in covert operations as she's way too obvious.

New words this month (all approximations) include monkey, hi, me, mine, croc-croc, kitty, berry, juice, chip, diamond, princess, and read.

LOVES having books read to her, just as much as I remember Henry starting to like them at this age. If you read one book (which she will say "ree" as she hands the book to you, she'll bring you book after book. Her favorites include Dora (obviously), We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and anything that has a baby in it. Then I tell her there's a baby in my belly and she lifts my shirt up and giggles.

Can point to TONS of things in pictures and around the room. House, tree, flower, star, various animals, baby, etc.

Does an 8 piece shape puzzle all on her own and I'm pretty sure she can identify circle and diamond consistently.

Prefers eating half melted ice cream with her fingers. :)

Loves playing with her little people Disney Princess castle. I have to bring it out every day. She even puts the little Princesses around the castle and switches them out over the button that makes them talk/sing.

Learned more "dance moves". When her castle plays music, Henry taught her to put her arms up like a ballerina. Now, when she hears slow music in the car, I've caught her doing that in the review mirror. It's way too cute. When a commercial with some catchy song came on today, she grabbed both my hands and wanted to dance!

Continues to copy every last thing Henry does. From putting spoons on her head, to dance moves, to what he does with the toys (yesterday she copied him playing "rough" with the princesses, lol).

Tries to make a scary monster noise when you say monster.

Too many cute things. We all love this girl.


Love her scrunchy face on the left. It's her "look".
2013-02-11_002 2013-02-11_003 2013-02-11_004 2013-02-11_005 2013-02-11_006 2013-02-11_007 2013-02-11_008 2013-02-11_009 2013-02-11_010 2013-02-11_011
The LIGHT in this one!!
2013-02-11_012 2013-02-11_013
You can see her scar from her fall on the coffee table last month really well in the top image. That little bulge looking thing just below the middle of her bottom lip. Poor girl.
2013-02-11_014 2013-02-11_015

A day in the life on Hackberry Court

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love her perspective and angle on so many of these. I'll be making a giant photo book very, very soon.

2013-02-05_010 2013-02-05_012 2013-02-05_013 2013-02-05_014 2013-02-05_016 2013-02-05_017 2013-02-05_018 2013-02-05_019 2013-02-05_020 2013-02-05_021 2013-02-05_022 2013-02-05_023 2013-02-05_025 2013-02-05_026 2013-02-05_027 2013-02-05_029 2013-02-05_030 2013-02-05_031 2013-02-05_032 2013-02-05_033 2013-02-05_034 2013-02-05_035 2013-02-05_036 2013-02-05_037 2013-02-05_038 2013-02-05_040 2013-02-05_041 2013-02-05_042 2013-02-05_043 2013-02-05_044 2013-02-05_045 2013-02-05_046 2013-02-05_047 2013-02-05_048 2013-02-05_049 2013-02-05_050 2013-02-05_051 2013-02-05_052 2013-02-05_053 2013-02-05_054 2013-02-05_055 2013-02-05_056 2013-02-05_057 2013-02-05_058 2013-02-05_059 2013-02-05_060 2013-02-05_061 2013-02-05_062 2013-02-05_063 2013-02-05_064 2013-02-05_066 2013-02-05_067 2013-02-05_070 2013-02-05_071 2013-02-05_073 2013-02-05_074 2013-02-05_075 2013-02-05_076 2013-02-05_077 2013-02-05_078 2013-02-05_079 2013-02-05_080 2013-02-05_081 2013-02-05_082 2013-02-05_083 2013-02-05_084 2013-02-05_085 2013-02-05_086 2013-02-05_087 2013-02-05_088 2013-02-05_089 2013-02-05_090 2013-02-05_091 2013-02-05_092 2013-02-05_093 2013-02-05_094 2013-02-05_095 2013-02-05_096 2013-02-05_097 2013-02-05_098 2013-02-05_099 2013-02-05_100 2013-02-05_101 2013-02-05_102 2013-02-05_103 2013-02-05_105 2013-02-05_106 2013-02-05_107 2013-02-05_108 2013-02-05_109 2013-02-05_110 2013-02-05_112 2013-02-05_113
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