Claire Bear is 16 months!

Monday, February 11, 2013
Umm, so I really, like REALLY love being able to shoot outside in the "winter". (However, my mind and body are still crazily confused hearing and seeing others talk about winter when I feel like I'm living in April or May). It is completely amazing to me. I have these shots and not some crappy makeshift indoor ones--because, really, she'd never sit for that anyway. +1 point for Texas and its weather.

So, this monkey. Yes, totally convinced she is part monkey. She climbs on everything. Has learned how to bring a little stool over to the couch, chair, and kitchen table to get up on places she can't get to on her own. And she is relentless. And knows what she's doing and has a VERY distinctive smile and laugh for us after we say "no, no, no!". Followed quickly by Ryan and I turning away and laughing because she's so damn cute.

She loves grabbing things of Henry's and running away with them, because she loves when he chases her, giggling the whole way down the hall. She also makes sure she does SOMETHING to make it known to Henry that she has something she KNOWS he doesn't want her to have. Girl needs some lessons in covert operations as she's way too obvious.

New words this month (all approximations) include monkey, hi, me, mine, croc-croc, kitty, berry, juice, chip, diamond, princess, and read.

LOVES having books read to her, just as much as I remember Henry starting to like them at this age. If you read one book (which she will say "ree" as she hands the book to you, she'll bring you book after book. Her favorites include Dora (obviously), We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and anything that has a baby in it. Then I tell her there's a baby in my belly and she lifts my shirt up and giggles.

Can point to TONS of things in pictures and around the room. House, tree, flower, star, various animals, baby, etc.

Does an 8 piece shape puzzle all on her own and I'm pretty sure she can identify circle and diamond consistently.

Prefers eating half melted ice cream with her fingers. :)

Loves playing with her little people Disney Princess castle. I have to bring it out every day. She even puts the little Princesses around the castle and switches them out over the button that makes them talk/sing.

Learned more "dance moves". When her castle plays music, Henry taught her to put her arms up like a ballerina. Now, when she hears slow music in the car, I've caught her doing that in the review mirror. It's way too cute. When a commercial with some catchy song came on today, she grabbed both my hands and wanted to dance!

Continues to copy every last thing Henry does. From putting spoons on her head, to dance moves, to what he does with the toys (yesterday she copied him playing "rough" with the princesses, lol).

Tries to make a scary monster noise when you say monster.

Too many cute things. We all love this girl.


Love her scrunchy face on the left. It's her "look".
2013-02-11_002 2013-02-11_003 2013-02-11_004 2013-02-11_005 2013-02-11_006 2013-02-11_007 2013-02-11_008 2013-02-11_009 2013-02-11_010 2013-02-11_011
The LIGHT in this one!!
2013-02-11_012 2013-02-11_013
You can see her scar from her fall on the coffee table last month really well in the top image. That little bulge looking thing just below the middle of her bottom lip. Poor girl.
2013-02-11_014 2013-02-11_015

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Karen said...

I can't wait to give her some kisses ! Grandma misses Claire Bear, and Mr. Mr.

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