Fall Family Photos, 4 months late.

Saturday, February 16, 2013
I was flipping through (or scrolling rather, I guess) the old blog and realized that I NEVER put our entire fall family session up! I've had some images on the banner for quite some time, and have varied many of these photos on my fb profile and cover images, but whoops, never all of them here.

I remember being very anxious about how Henry would do, but, as you can see, he did awesome. Currently in the process of ordering a number of these for our walls! A bunch of the ones of just Ryan and I are going in our master bedroom (since someday, yellow/gray will be our color scheme in there). I seriously love these images more than our wedding ones. Oh, to go back in time. Anyway, here they are, finally, in their entirety.

2013-02-16_001 2013-02-16_002 2013-02-16_003 2013-02-16_004 2013-02-16_005 2013-02-16_006 2013-02-16_007 2013-02-16_008 2013-02-16_009 2013-02-16_010 2013-02-16_011 2013-02-16_012 2013-02-16_013 2013-02-16_014 2013-02-16_015 2013-02-16_016 2013-02-16_017 2013-02-16_018 2013-02-16_019 2013-02-16_020

1 comment:

Karen said...

what a good looking family ! Great pictures !

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