Sibling Love

Monday, February 25, 2013
These two. They've been starting to have their share of sibling quarrels/disagreements/etc (in the cutest way that a quarrel can be when a 16 month old is on one side of it). Claire has quickly learned "mine!!" from Henry, and she voices it, umm, often. As does Henry. He has this strange rule that she can't have any of his stuff (most of the time), but when he wants to play with her stuff, of course it's ok. I'm sure we all know how that goes.

Claire, is of course, gaining a little personality and opinion and is not always willing to share anymore--at least if she's already engaged with something. You'd think someone had crushed Henry's dreams with the drama/cry/pout he puts on while wailing "Claire won't share with me."

But, for every moment like that, we also see moments like this, where they show nothing but love for each other.


A few nights ago, Ryan was just going to give Henry a bath because I had taken Claire in the shower with me earlier (hoping she won't be freaked out about showers at Henry's age). Henry threw a royal fit, crying all the way up the stairs that he wanted Claire to take a bath too.

When Ryan asked him why, he replied, "Because I love Claire."

And then yesterday, Claire woke up from nap before Henry. When Ryan brought him downstairs, Claire stopped what she was doing, running to the stairs yelling "nen-nen" (how she says henry right now!) and then moved in for a hug and a kiss when he got to the bottom.

Any time I hear "Hey mommy, come look at us!" it ALWAYS means something cute and camera worthy is going down. Always. This time, I actually had the camera ready.

2013-02-25_002 2013-02-25_003 2013-02-25_004

As their relationship continues to grow, it gets me even more excited to see both of them with their new sibling this summer. :)
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