17 Months!

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Another month (plus a week) has gone by. I can't believe she's going to be 1.5 years already. It just goes too fast.

New things for this month?

Likes to give Henry kisses. Mommy and daddy don't get them every time we ask, but every time we ask her to give Henry a kiss, she puckers right up. And she sometimes smacks her lips before kissing (which she did when she saw Ryan and I kiss hello one night).

She's still climbing on everything, but hasn't quite made her way onto the couch or chair yet. For this, I'm thankful, because as it seems she knows how to get down safely, she still doesn't know enough to watch herself and I've caught her sitting backwards WAY too close to the edge.

She's also very proud of herself when she does get up on something, because the second you lock eye contact she starts giggling up a storm (case in point last night when she made her way onto one of the patio chairs).

New words this month include please, welcome, applesauce, milk, more, wee-wee (for slides and swings, lol), map (thank you Dora), and probably a few others I'm forgetting. It's almost 1 new word/imitation a day it seems!

Not a fan of Henry stealing her stuff. Not a fan at all.

Starting to get better with her spoon and I've been letting her use a fork as well for things like french toast and pancakes. She prefers having a utensil now, just like big brother.

I taught her how to high five and Henry taught her how to fist bump. :)

LOVES bathtime. We need to get her in swimming asap. She's been imitating Henry by laying on her belly in the tub and we call it "swimming". So now, whenever you ask Claire if she wants to go swimming she'll plop down on her belly no matter where she is with a big smile on her face.

Gives me lots of unprompted snuggles lately. I love it. Waits to be covered up at night now (not that the blanket lasts more than 3 seconds, but she lays on her back and smiles while I "tuck her in").

She's not a baby anymore. :(

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Karen said...

Claire Bear is still Grandma's baby!

Joshua Filand said...

Henry Claire you two are just the silly bunch

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