Another feeding therapy update.

Friday, March 1, 2013
First, let me reiterate how amazing this has been for Henry and for us. Mealtimes are moving towards normal, and, more importantly, FUN. This was the best decision we've made for Henry, and, for our entire family.

Here's an updated list of all the things he has tried since the last update, keeping in mind again that new flavors, shapes, etc count as a "new thing".
Chicken fries
Homemade cinnamon Belgian waffle
Fettuccini noodles
Wagon wheel noodles
Rotini noodles
Strawberry ice cream
Root beer and root beer floats
Yogurt raisins
Kashi banana chocolate chip bar
Strawberry applesauce
Shamrock shake
French fries with partial skin on them at a restaurant
Honey maid strawberry yogurt Creme gramfuls sandwiches
Breadstick dunked in marinara sauce (done all on his own last night. He hasn't touched marinara for dunking or on spaghetti in almost a year)
Ranch chips
QUINOA--which he even pounces correctly. It's so cute and he's excited to tell Auntie Liz on Skype tonight (she enjoys quinoa)
There are three other things I can't remember. I was in the middle of writing this post and I lost it, and now I can't remember.
He has also licked a cherry, pea, and cheerio.

Oh yeah. and two days ago he had a freaking feast at McDonalds. Nearly every bite of a chicken nugget happy meal, most of claire's apples and half a shamrock shake. He was usually good for 1 to 1.5 nuggets and the fries.

To continue building his food trust with us and with Holly, we've been moving through what I am calling "safe foods"--things he will most likely enjoy. So we've been currently chaining noodles together--which brought us to quinoa!!, things with strawberry flavor, and making lots of things "mini" since he's enjoyed mini waffles, pancakes, etc. I think it is slowly helping lower his anxiety level as he's trying things he actually likes and wants to eat again!

What you obviously don't see on that list yet are real meats and vegetables. Those are obviously going to be tougher to crack. For those, we are using this chart Holly made for us, pictured below. It details all the steps up the ladder that eventually leads to eating (chewing and swallowing).

We started the chart with peas last night. We've been doing peas and corn a lot as our veggies at dinner and without the chart, he had kissed both of them goodbye. The expectation is that he moves one step up the ladder each time the food is presented.

First night with the chart, he moved up three steps. THREE people. THREE. He not only touched a pea to his teeth, but touched it to his tongue and licked it. He licked a pea. Something he didn't even tolerate on his plate, let alone touch or LICK.

Again, I'll reiterate how important this is for us and how important it will continue to be for likely a year, and how much we appreciate reading everyone's support when I post something about it here or on Facebook.

Henry is really proud of himself. He's beyond excited to go to "eating school" and asks every day if it is an eating school day. He has about 5-6 more spots to fill on his first sticker chart with Holly (he gets a sticker for everything new tried), and when it is full he gets a special toy, and we start over with a new chart.

I never could have imagined how fast he'd move through new things. Never. This is completely amazing and so beneficial to Henry's health and our meal time sanity. This strategy is working. Doing fun things. Playing games. Using visuals. Not forcing, moving slowly. It's all working.

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Karen said...

Great news Henry !

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