Halfway to meeting Sweet Pea #3, Norah!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
20 weeks! 20 weeks! How did this come up so quick!?

As anyone still reading this blog knows, we saw a very healthy baby Norah on the ultrasound screen last Tuesday (we didn't find out it was Norah until two whole days later---ask Ryan about his impatience), which I've included some of those photos again if you missed them on FB.

So I had lots of people asking me if I had a "feeling". Honestly, I really didn't. I had a feeling with Henry, don't really remember having one with Claire, and wasn't really sure with Norah either.

What I do know/remember are the following:

1. Those cute little yogurt cards I made? That's what I had the tech put in the envelope. I made them way back in February right after I got my new Silhouette Cameo machine. Mocha, the older of our two so beloved puppies got a hold of BOTH of them a week after I made them and tore the baby boy card to bits, leaving the baby girl card in tact. I had to remake the boy card. Apparently she sensed something long ago.

2. As the days got closer to the ultrasound and I was determined to have a name picked out, I/we felt fine with our 3 final boy choices, as in, any of them will do, and was satisfied with the final name we had picked if it had been a boy (Oliver Thomas for those who don't know). The girl names though? I just couldn't shake this feeling of needing something I was absolutely in love with. And even though Norah was on our short 3 name list, it took me another 2 weeks of searching before I/we realized Norah was it, about 1-2 days before the ultrasound.

3. When searching pinterest and etsy for nursery ideas and newborn photo props, I was much more drawn to the baby girl colors and girl props, for some reason. So I guess there were some signs, but no real "feeling" on my part.

I didn't have sisters growing up, so I'm pretty excited to see Claire and Norah together, especially considering they will be just shy of under 2 years apart. I'm really hoping they are besties for life. Of course, the other side of the spectrum is that Henry is the only boy. Ryan and I are actually heavily leaning towards being done with 3 kids. The only thing pulling me to another one is the chance for Henry to have a brother. But, even if we did try for another, it would be another 2 years down the road (based on conception history, miscarriages, etc.), and by that time, they'd already be 6 years apart.

I'm also not sure on wanting a 4th C-section. Number 2 was a breeze, and I'm banking on #3 being one as well, but 4? It just seems like a lot of times to be sliced open in the same spot.

So that gender reveal. I love ice cream. Ryan probably knows that best. The kids love ice cream. Claire calls it "mmmmmm" (picture Henry's old sucker video from long ago, it's pretty similar). My original idea was to do what we did in an ice cream shop, but most ice cream shops (i.e. Coldstone, etc.) don't offer many fruit toppings, and there wasn't 1 single one in this area that was "cute" enough for me.

Froyo, on the other hand? It's on like every street corner around here. And the place we used happened to be cute and funky, obviously had a whole line of topping choices (which included the necessary blueberries and strawberries) and was close to home.

Facebook is a wonderful thing. I've already e-friended and e-met a bunch of local photographers down here and am part of a couple different dallas area facebook groups. I put it out there a long time ago that I was hoping to swap a gender reveal session and maternity session with another photographer and ended up trading with the also expecting Brandi of www.brandithompsonphotography.com so it worked out perfectly.

She'll do a full on maternity session for us later this spring and I already did her maternity session last month and will do a lifestyle newborn session for her next month. I can't say enough how much I love having someone else capture the moments for us and for ME to actually be in them. If there are any photog mamas reading this, let me do a session for you. I know how important it is :)

A quick peek at the gender reveal again:

2013-03-20_001 2013-03-20_002 2013-03-20_003 2013-03-20_005

So, back to it. I had coached Henry ALL day about this. (And only on this day because I didn't want him to let it slip on Skype to anyone. Most people either didn't know when it was happening, or thought it was happening this weekend).

My plan? cute pictures of every one feeding each other the yogurt (mainly the kids) and then when it was time to reveal, Ryan and I close our eyes and one of us cover Henry's eyes (because really, who can trust a 3 year old NOT to peek?!). (Brandi would hide either blueberries or strawberries halfway down our bowl).

I instructed Henry that Claire was going to feed him the bite of fruit and if it was strawberries, he would shout "It's a girl" and if it was blueberries "It's a boy!" He fully understood it.

Only, every time we talked about it he replied with "Ok. I want it to be blueberries". My first thought, was "oh, he just would prefer to eat a blueberry?" Umm, no. He fully understood that baby would be a boy if he tasted blueberries, and he wanted a boy, and therefore, blueberries.

So, the second half of the day I reminded him that he might not taste blueberries. Baby could be a girl, and that it might be strawberries he tasted and that would be ok. Another sister just like Claire. He seemed fine with it.

Then, when the time came, Brandi helped Claire get a spoonful to which she happily obliged to feeding Henry. What followed?

"OH NO! Not a strawberry! It's a strawberry."

I'm excited to see those pictures.

So that's how we found out. "OH NO! Not a strawberry", LOL. Henry did his Henry thing and slumped down for awhile, but perked back up after we added some blueberries to the yogurt and let him keep on eating.

He seems fine now. Calls her baby Norah and says Norah "caro-wine" in the sweetest way ever. He will love his two little sisters.

Off topic, Ryan looks good in yellow right? Tell him he looks good in yellow. Literally the first time I've ever seen this man in yellow in 11 years.

And, this week, halfway there. cardi hides the belly a bit. it's there though ;)


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Karen said...

Well Grandma (me that is ) had a hunch for a long time! It was going to be a girl!

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