Claire's 18 Month Bluebonnet Session

Monday, April 15, 2013
Now that I'm a Texas photographer, I was obligated to take some photos of the kids in the
bluebonnets just like every other photographer and family does in Texas. Due to the weird weather all over the country, Texas included, which has been a little on the cool side for longer than usual, these pretty little things are late to bloom and were only blooming in one spot around the Northern Dallas area--the JCP headquarters.

It was really pretty, but crawling (literally crawling) with photographers and families doing mini sessions on this Sunday night. But, you'd never known. I worked some post processing magic on a few of these.

These serve as Claire's official 18 month portraits, so let's get to that.

At 18 months, socially, she still loves big brother. Loves imitating him, laughing with him, making him laugh, following him around and doing and having whatever it is he is doing or having (today, she had to bring her new Dora backpack with in the car when we took Henry to school). Snuggles, hugs and kisses all around for mommy, daddy, and Henry (when he lets her). She gets shy when strangers talk to her (like the Target cashiers) and will say "Mama, mama" and then give me a snuggle. It's cute. Over Disney, became a daddy's girl and was happiest in daddy's arms on the airplane and on the many bus/transit rides we took to and from the airport and parks/hotel. At this point she really wants nothing to do with the other kids when we have play dates, but neither do the other kids her age, so I'd say it's pretty typical.

Cognitively, she is identifying(and even saying a few colors: yellow, purple, pink and blue). I think she still knows triangle and circle, and "knows" that it says Claire above her crib. She has labels for most all common objects, some are just harder to make out, and some are so obscure (i.e. "dip-i-dip-i-dip-da" for "computer", just as Henry did). She follows and understands basic directions (surprisingly, more so with Henry it seems at times)such as wash hands, get a diaper, put away the toy, time to eat, etc.

Language wise she continues to add new words daily, and has recently been repeating back her name (comes out "Care"). Her FAVORITE new word is "no". I wish I had a penny for every time she said it during the day. We all get told no, repeatedly, for various reasons. And it's so cute, that's it is just so hard not to giggle every time. She's also been REALLY loud the past few days with all her gibber jabber, and says "more" and "please" consistently when signing them.

She runs, bumps into things, falls down, is *this close* to being able to get on the couch by herself (she's mastered the patio furniture), and she can do it if she has the ottoman to lean up on. She wants to do stairs by herself, both going up and down, and is getting more and more clear on doing every.other.thing. by herself. She gets mad if you don't let her, gets mad when she doesn't get it, and gets mad when you then try to help. A little bit of a temper lately ;)

I can't believe we're on the downward slope to 2 years now. So onto the photos. Henry was slightly more cooperative than Claire. You can see that there is pretty much not one.single.picture of her looking at the camera. Way too busy for that. But, I managed to snag one of them together, a bunch of just Henry, and some still cute, even though she isn't looking ones, of Claire. Enjoy.

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2013-04-15_001 2013-04-15_004 2013-04-15_003 2013-04-15_003 2013-04-15_005 2013-04-15_006 2013-04-15_007 2013-04-15_009 2013-04-15_011 2013-04-15_012 2013-04-15_014 2013-04-15_015 2013-04-15_016 2013-04-15_017 2013-04-15_019 2013-04-15_020 2013-04-15_021 2013-04-15_022 2013-04-15_024 
This one will get printed on a large canvas. 2013-04-15_026 
The outtakes. and looking for lady bugs. 2013-04-15_008 2013-04-15_010 2013-04-15_013

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Mary Hyde said...

A baby in the bluebells is just perfect and in light of today, just the images I needed to see before bed. Thanks.

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