Baby Norah, Week 21

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Along with all the below, I'm large enough that people are commenting and asking when I'm due. The nice checkout lady at JCP last week said, (and I quote), "Your kids are so cute. That's number 3 there, right? You look like you haven't gained any weight, no?"

Thanks for the confidence boost, but no, that wouldn't be the case. I don't remember what I started at, and despite trying to eat as healthy as I can (and recently added doing a VERY modified version of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred with Ryan), that scale just keeps on keeping on with a higher number every time I step on it. You can definitely see it in my face already in this picture.

Meh, for what it's worth, in total I've hung on to about 8 pounds from my PRE Henry pregnancy weight between Henry and Claire, and if the likelihood of Norah being our last holds out, you can bet I will literally be working my ass off after Norah is here, as it seems the butt NEVER gets the memo that it doesn't need to grow as much as the belly. Clearly, my right hand is strategically placed. ;)

45 pounds with Henry, 35 with Claire. I'm not worried. I'll be a whale no matter what by the time 36 weeks rolls around. And I'm consistent in pumping out 8 pound healthy babies, so there's that too. :)


1 comment:

Karen said...

Missing my baby girl Jenna!! Cannot wait to see you!!

Love Mom

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