Sweet Pea #3, Baby Norah @ 24 weeks

Thursday, April 25, 2013
I failed my 1 hour glucose test. That's the big and crappy news this week. I failed it with Claire as well. I had to, and will have to again, take the 3 hour glucose test.

Essentially, it goes like this, from what I remember.

I have to fast. Asking a pregnant woman to fast is pure torture alone.

I go in (sans kids, somehow), get an initial blood draw. Drink yummy sugar drink and lay around for an hour.

They draw my blood again. I get woozy. I feel like I'm going to throw up.

I go lay down for another hour. Feel like death warmed over and like I'll vomit at any second.

They draw my blood again.

Go lay down again, this time, with something next to me in case I do vomit at any second. Try to distract myself with a magazine/phone as I lay there feeling 100x sicker than my sickest feeling day in first tri.

I almost run into the wall on my way to get my blood drawn one last time.

Feel as sick as possible.

Eat some crackers, go home, and eat real food. It'll be fun.

I passed the 3 hr with Claire, here's to obviously hoping I pass it with Norah as well.

My mom and I cleaned out the nursery this past weekend. What that means is I essentially put a ton of stuff in our game room with the *hopes* to have a garage sale soon (mostly Henry's clothes, any boy related stuff we don't use/need anymore).

Next on the list is to paint (I've finally picked a color or two), and then purchase a crib/dresser/changing table. I have a pretty vision in my head, so we'll see how close it comes to that. I'm also hoping to convince Ryan to paint Claire's room ;)

Oh, and both heartburn and Braxton hicks contractions have decided to join on the fun this week.


and a comparison look at the 24th week. Pretty much the same as I was with Claire. maybe a little bigger. I measured 25 weeks last week at the 23 week appointment.


1 comment:

Karen said...

Your dad says you were bigger with Claire Bear.

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