Claire Bear at 19 Months

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I just have this one picture for now, since the update is already almost 2 weeks late. But, to be sure I remember things later, here it is anyway, regardless of timing.

I have this beautiful smiling picture of her because both Uncle Adam and Daddy were behind me. Clearly it takes a small army with her to get a good picture these days.


We've had a really busy time since she turned 18 months. We were in Disney, Chris and Kelly visited, grandma and bumpa visited, then we went to Albuquerque, where this picture was taken at like 10,000 ft. up.

At 19 months Claire is: adding new words daily, though not to undermine the fact that "Noooooo" is still her very favorite one to use. "yeah" is also frequently used and super cute. She's also throwing around a few two word phrases, 1 or 2 of which were unique and I can't remember, but we've definitely heard "No, Go-ca (mocha)" more than a time or two around here. Everyone knows Mocha's the naughty one ;) There are definitely still times where I have not a clue what she's trying to say to me (case in point? yesterday at lunch, when after I clearly didn't get it, a screaming, throwing of food tantrum ensued and someone had to be removed from the table, but I'm not naming any names).

Speaking of tantrums, in the past like 3 days, those have come out in full force. If she doesn't get her way, she lets you know. Still easily distracted if you give her enough time to calm down (otherwise you'll just keep hearing that "nooooo" over and over). She's definitely our little drama queen.

Biggest news this month? She's sleeping in the toddler bed full time, without issue! As I eluded to in one of the last pregnancy posts, it sort of happened by accident. We went to ikea to get her a new dresser so the changing table/dresser Ryan made could be put in Norah's nursery. Of course, we walked out of ikea with not only the dresser, but a new full size, low to the ground bed for Henry.

Ryan put the toddler bed in her room just for funsies, and she went straight to it for nap time that day and that night. The next few nights she had some tears, but as soon as we closed the door, she went right into her bed. Since returning from ABQ, she's gone straight to her bed, puckered up for a kiss, and sleeps the whole night without issue. Henry was easy too, but not even this easy. We joke that Norah is going to give us a run for our money in the sleep department.

The crib is still in her room, but we will probably move that into Norah's room this weekend. Ryan will be painting the nursery while the rest of us are up in Minnesota in a few weeks.

Back to Claire, she's a little social butterfly when she wants to be--trying to get the attention of other kids and moms in the waiting room while we wait for Henry to get out of therapy. Although, as soon as someone starts talking to her, she says "mama, mama" and then come snuggles me while she smiles at them. She imitates everything Henry does, follows him around, asks for him when he's not here, and he's usually the first thing she asks for when waking up. Can't wait to see all three of them together.

She recognizes the colors purple, pink and yellow consistently, and sometimes green. She also sort of recognizes her name, or at least knows the letters above her bed mean "Claire" because she will say "Care" and point to it. She also just started identifying possession. She'll point at my bowl of cereal for instance, and say "mama" and then point at hers and say "Care". She'll sometimes count to 2, or at least say "two" after you say "one". She was labeling like 4 shapes, but we haven't done those in a while. I'll have to reassess :)

Her favorite book right now is "Spring is Here" which we got from the library. We've read it over and over and over. Favorite toys still tend to be whatever Henry has, but they've both been playing with their Doc McStuffins doctor kit, the grocery cart, and her princesses too.

Monkey still climbs on everything and LOVES when you give her attention for it. She can get up on the couches, on the recliner, into her bed, and most dangerous--into her seat at the kitchen table.

Food wise she's a little more picky than before, but still eats most of what is put in front of her.

I think that's about it. Hard to believe we are inching closer to 2!

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