Sweet Pea Baby Norah @ 29 weeks!

Thursday, May 30, 2013
28 weeks was neglected. Apologies again, baby Norah. We are seriously in the home stretch, folks! Less than 10 weeks to go since my c-section will be scheduled the week of August 5th (39th week). No, the nursery isn't painted yet. No, her name letters aren't done yet, and no, I haven't even found/looked for any bedding/nursery decor yet. Although, I know exactly what I want.

I'm large enough now that my belly is fair game. Fair game for who, you ask? Why the male members of the "older generation", of course. Somehow they have decided over the years that they are frightfully funny, especially when it comes to having a young pregnant woman as their subject.

Last week at Chick-Fil-A, the employee who goes around asking if you need drink refills came up and had this conversation with me.

"Are these two yours?" (obviously referring to Henry and Claire)

"Yes they are." (me)

"You DO know what *causes* that, right?" (as he points to my belly).

Why no sir. I thought it was magic. Of course, my personality doesn't trend to snap back at these types of comments and instead I sat there with the fakest smile I could muster.

He then proceeded to tell me about "so and so" who he knew who had 4 under 5 or something like that. Yes, my kids are young. Yes, they are fairly close together. Do I know/have heard of people with more kids under this age? Yes. Do I know/have heard of people having their kids even closer together? Of course. Henry and Claire are over 2 years apart, and Claire and Norah will be just under two years apart. This isn't atypical, people. I want my kids to grow up together, and thankfully, despite our struggles, they've all ended up fairly close in age. That's what we wanted.

And then, yesterday, as I walked out of Target with Claire, an older man literally ROLLS DOWN HIS CAR WINDOW as he slows down and says "Hey now! Don't you be hiding a watermelon under your shirt!" It seriously baffles my mind that people think it's ok to say rude, funny, (but not actually funny), insensitive and all of the other above to a pregnant woman. Typically, it's the older generation of men. Maybe I should start commenting on their gray hair. Or their beer bellies. Or their wrinkles. Oh wait, no one does that to a stranger.

Off my soapbox now, I guess.

We are headed (me and the kids sans daddy) back to Minnesota for 2 weeks. For all those who pray, seriously, pray that I make it out of the plane rides alive. I have NO idea how I will do this with a double stroller, 2 kids (1 who will be in my lap (which decreases in size daily) and is typically NOT a fan of sitting still), 2 backpacks, 1 diaper bag, 1 camera/purse bag, 1 checked back and my giant belly. I feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it.

And here's the 29th week. I don't sleep much at night. It takes forever to fall asleep, I wake up a lot, and then wake up well before the alarm. Heartburn continues to come and go, braxton hicks contractions are now a fairly regular occurrence, especially when over-exerting myself (and by over exerting myself, even walking up the stairs and getting up off the floor fall under that category, unfortunately).


1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh give it back to the rude old men in Texas !!
Have a safe flight.. see you tomorrow!
you still look BEAUTIFUL !

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