Sweet Pea #3, Baby Norah at 33 Weeks!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Oh hey! It's me, finally updating this little old blog after over a month of silence. Most know the kids and I were traveling to Minnesota for two weeks, Ryan was gone to Germany, I've been up to my ears in work, etc. etc. More on all that, later.

Poor baby Norah has been neglected on here. The last update was at 29 weeks. So here we are in our 33 week glory. We had an ultrasound last week at 32 weeks (standard at my new clinic), where we found out Norah is on the larger side (just like her siblings were, though we didn't have late ultrasounds with them to warn us of their "larger" size). They estimated her at just about 5 pounds last week (for however accurate the u/s is).

My fluid was also at the upper limits of normal, so they will be watching me closely via measurements and order another ultrasound if necessary. However, my belly measured exactly 32 weeks on the outside. Norah was in the high percentiles for everything, but especially her abdomen, which they usually say is a sign of Gestational Diabetes (I passed both tests), so they didn't have a reason for that, but told me to "lay off the sweets". Hopefully everything is ok, and she's just going to be at or slightly above 8 pounds just like big brother and sister. The doctor said that she will probably gain about half a pound a week from here on out, so that will put her right above that 8 pound mark at 39 weeks.

Her birthday is tentatively scheduled for August 6th! The hospital does an open house of their birthing unit I think every Monday, so we're going to check that out soon. August 6th?! Seriously, it's almost about a month away.

Her nursery isn't quite finished. I have some stuff to hang up, need to order pictures, found curtains, and desperately need to find a crib skirt and a few sheets. Everything is solid. The cute patterned stuff is all bagged up in sets with the stupid bumper that we don't want for over $100's of dollars. No thanks. I finally have some stuff sitting in my cart online at Target. Hopefully I'll make some decisions and get it ordered today.

We've washed, sorted, and folded all of Claire's smallest clothes (newborn-3 months). It looks like we might need some more 3 month sleepers depending on how hot it still is in September, and/or how fast she grows out of newborn, but clothes, yes, we are otherwise good on. Other than me figuring out the nursery stuff, we just need some newborn diapers :)

I'm just about "ready" though. Ready for our family to be complete, ready to be all done being pregnant. 4 weeks to full term, though, so obviously, keep baking baby Norah.

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