Sweet Pea #3, Baby Norah at 38 Weeks!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
This could be the final bump picture! But, there will likely be one more. Just one more picture of me pregnant.

I've had lots of questions about my scheduled C-section, so I'll address that here. Unbeknownst to me, while my doctor has delivery privileges at my chosen hospital (apparently the best around this area, making it pretty much a baby factory), he isn't affiliated or a partnering doctor of this facility (or something like that). What that means is he doesn't get dibs on times, or doesn't get as many times as others, or something like that. I didn't know this until about a month ago, when I still sat on a waitlist for the first three days of the 39th weeks.

Every week I heard the same story, "still on the waitlist, we have to wait and see, yada, yada."

Finally, at today's appointment, I jumped to first on the waitlist for August 6th. Chances are better that I will have a scheduled spot that day. I have a final appointment (final, so weird) on Monday afternoon. If at that point I still have someone else in front of me, my doctor will call in to have me deliver either after hours on the 5th or somehow get me in on the 6th, working his doctor magic, I guess.

So that's that.

I learned a valuable lesson when I was pregnant with Claire. When people asked when I was due, I'd always say "She'll be here by October 10th, if not sooner". Which always, and I mean ALWAYS got people asking why I was having a scheduled C-section (because I better have a darn good reason, right?)

This time around, I've simply stated in how many weeks I was due (using the 39th weeks as my "due date") because I didn't want to have to explain myself again. It was annoying.


Because I didn't/don't want a V-BAC. There are risks involved. I'm not going to be less of a mother because I didn't choose to go down that road. My babies are healthy, and my first is HERE BECAUSE he was delivered via C-section, thank you very much. Yes, it's major surgery, but the second time was an absolute breeze, and I'm guessing the 3rd time will be too. It's not scary, Claire wasn't at any additional risk, as will be the same for Norah, and it's safer for me. Kudos to all the mothers who have done it the "natural" way (ask me how much I HATE hearing that!), it's obviously a miracle and I'm sure an amazing and difficult experience, but I haven't and will never have a child that way, and I'm ok with that.

I actually had someone tell me about that stupid documentary the Business of Being Born last week. Yes m'am, the business of how MY children are born into this world is my business.

So that's that. If you read closely enough, you can read between the lines and see that this will be our final child. But I'll save that for another blog post.


Claire Bear at 21 Months

Friday, July 19, 2013
I skipped over 20 months since we were away in Minnesota, so I guess there's a lot of catching up to do with her.

The biggest thing has been her two-word explosion over the past 3-4 weeks. She's been spitting out everything from "dada home", "green tree", "shoes off", "ranch too", and everything in between. A ton of it is still mostly only recognizable to us, but she's becoming more clear and more willing to work on her articulation when you repeat things back to her. New sounds she's mastered include the "k" at the end of words (so things like "pink" and "milk" are clear as a bell and she really enunciates the "k" sounds so it's pretty adorable). She also just mastered "ranch", also, super cute. "Yeah" continues to be her favorite word, as she'll answer most questions with it, using her best Minnesota accent ;)

Tantrums continue to be a pretty big part of the day. Usually when we are having issues sharing, or aren't getting our way, but half the time, for no reason, of course. She wakes up pretty grumpy some days and will throw down a giant fit if I don't carry her around for a while or put the TV on (two things I can't/don't want to do most days after nap). We just let her cry it out and she obviously forgets about it 10 minutes later.

Food intake comes and goes. Some days she doesn't really want to eat, other days, you can't give her enough. After going through what we did with Henry, I still see her daily food intake as completely normal. She's beginning to refuse some things, but not any where close to the extent that Henry ever did. Her current favorites are cheeseburgers, grapes, strawberries, pancakes, and milk. She uses a spoon and fork like a pro, but then there are still those days where she'd rather eat applesauce, ranch, and yogurt with her fingers.

Fine motor wise, I've been attempting more art time this summer, but she's not so into it. She'll do it, but she wants to do it her own way (which includes dumping the water for the water color onto her paper, etc.), and then she gets mad when I won't let her, and then she's done. Same goes with scissors, and the crayons when she doesn't press hard enough. She wants to try everything I let Henry do though.

If anyone is wondering, no, we haven't ventured down the potty training road. She could care less when she has poopy pants (doesn't go off and hide either), shows no signs of when she is peeing and ironically (despite wanting to do EVERYTHING else Henry does), has shown no signs of wanting to get on/ask/use the potty after Henry does. So that's that. After life settles down with Norah, we'll give it a real go, I suppose. I don't need to worry about Claire accidents when we are out and about with a new baby on top of it.

She loves books. Once you read her one, she'll bring you 10 more, 1 at a time, of course. She also tries to get one of us to read a book after the other just read it.

She's letting me put her "pretties" in without issue (pigtails) and actually leaves them alone throughout the day. She looks 6 months older when I put her little pigtails in, I swear.

I took these the other day. Spent about 13 minutes total. This is what she gave me, and only because Henry and I were singing. Waiting for the day when a bribe or something will actually help/work.

2013-07-19_002 2013-07-19_001

This one is really cute. We were singing 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree. I've been doing a little circle time with them--just doing the calendar for Henry, singing songs, reading books and talking about a letter. She's catching on to all the actions to the songs and may even be picking up on the letters too.

Crazy that's she's so close to two.


Norah's Nursery!

Monday, July 15, 2013
Finally! I probably shouldn't have taken pictures on a cloudy day, since they were dark and hard to edit, and I don't have a wide angle lens that's compatible with my current camera, so some funky editing had to take place in my attempt at a whole room shot.

I couldn't get a picture of the changing table without moving the crib, so that's what's on the wall you can't see. The shelves on it are all empty, and I'll probably just get some of her newborn photos printed to put there. I have some set ups of headbands/blankets/wraps etc that will "match" her room, so I'm excited about that.

She likely won't be sleeping in here right away, but it's sure pretty to look at now that's it's come together.

2013-07-15_012 2013-07-15_013 2013-07-15_014 2013-07-15_015

My Cute Piano Players

They started playing all on their own yesterday. Not too much banging was involved. Lasted long enough for me to grab these :)

Love them in black and white best, I think.

2013-07-15_002 2013-07-15_003 2013-07-15_004 2013-07-15_005 2013-07-15_006 2013-07-15_007 2013-07-15_008 2013-07-15_009 2013-07-15_010 2013-07-15_011

Splash Pad, Swimming and Random Updates

Thursday, July 11, 2013
A few from the last week (no mom, I never took 4th of July pictures. I'm big, uncomfortable, and the thought of trying to get 1 of them to look at me and smile, let alone both of them, is exhausting just thinking about it).

We tried out the new splash pad in town over the weekend. It took them both a while to warm up, but once Claire got splashed in the face pretty bad, she was done.

Clearly, you can see they can't be bothered to look at me at all, but, at least I brought out the real camera for a change :), and you are actually seeing these.

Henry started a soccer skills class on Monday that runs for the next 8 weeks, and they both started swimming as well. Henry did really great at soccer. He was SO, SO excited about it before and after, and so proud of himself.

Swimming is Mon/Wed through the end of the month. Claire is in a parent-child class (similar to ones we've done before) and Henry is in his first real deal learn to swim class. He was much more comfortable the second day, but actually did much better than expected even on the first day. He doesn't want to put his face in, or wear his goggles for that matter yet. But, the teachers are pretty direct and he otherwise does everything else they ask (which was not the case in his last non-parent/child class back in Chaska). So far they've mostly been doing kicks and floats. Either way, he's doing way better than I ever did. Pretty sure I didn't take swimming lessons this young, and when I did (much older) I was scared, and never learned a thing. Ryan laughed at me when I told him I was thinking of taking the adult class they offer at some point.

There aren't any pictures of Henry swimming because I can't get close enough with the lens I have. They ask parents to stay back and out of the way so the child views the instructor as the instructor.

Oh, and a quick food update: Henry's going strong on eating cheeseburgers. He had one from Sonic and even ate one we grilled the other night!! Other new things this week include a handful of new cereals, a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, and MASHED POTATOES today (although, they didn't seem preferred at all). His homework is to try them two more times before our next therapy session.

Onto the pictures. I sure hope I can get better at posting more. Hoping to take Claire out in the next few days for her "official" 21 month session. Wish me luck.

2013-07-11_002 2013-07-11_003 2013-07-11_004 2013-07-11_005 2013-07-11_006 2013-07-11_007 2013-07-11_008 2013-07-11_009 2013-07-11_010 2013-07-11_011 2013-07-11_012

Sweet Pea #3: Baby Norah at 35 weeks

Another ultrasound on Tuesday revealed "higher" fluid, but still within the normal range. Measured Norah at 6lbs, 13 ounces, but she said it could be +/- 1 pound (and that's if they are super duper accurate in their measurements). My guess is another 8 lb baby.

She's coming in 26 or 27 days. This momma is ready. I'm so, so, so uncomfortable. And I just want to hold her and see her.

But, enjoying the kids and our current normal before it's flipped upside down 26 or 27 days from now ;)


Sweet Pea #3: Baby Norah, Week 34

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
3 weeks to full term, people. 3 weeks.

She's coming exactly 1 month from Saturday if she doesn't decide to surprise us all before that.


nursery almost done, odds and ends and general cleaning around the house need to be done, newborn diapers need to be bought, and then I guess we are ready for number 3!

I'm SO excited to see how the kids will do. Henry seems to be super excited, while Claire clearly has very little idea what's going on other than to kiss and hug this enormous belly mommy has now.

Ick. Need to remind myself not to forget to take the picture in the morning. So not fresh looking at 6pm.


When McDonald's makes you cry.

It's been awhile since I posted any sort of written update on anything not related to pregnancy, so for those curious for more details: how McDonald's made me cry.

Actually, this may be the second time McDonald's has made me cry, now that I think of it. I used to work there, you see, back when I was 15/16. Yes, yes. Everyone laugh.

ANYWAY, I had major jaw surgery the summer before my junior year. They jacked up my schedule, had me schedule during my entire recovery time, and eventually fired me, yes FIRED me (after 2 years and being their best employee) because whoever was in charge didn't believe I had asked off for the days and I missed three in a row, so I was canned. Dumbest story, ever, I know. I'm sure I cried though.

Anyway. Flash forward 13 years to how McDonald's made me cry yesterday.  Henry's enjoyed his McDonald's for a while. Started out with just fries, and we slowly worked our way up to being able to eat a few bites of nuggets, and it was only just recently that he will legitimately finish nearly all 4 of the nuggets in the happy meal.

As he continues to do well at feeding therapy, I've been making a mental list of things I want to make sure we try (and hopefully learn to like) before his eventual dismissal from therapy. Cheeseburgers! (or a hamburger, I guess) were the first thing I thought of. He's been doing some bites of hamburger meat in things like spaghetti and lasagna in the past few weeks, so it was a good transition to continue on the meat path anyway.

So yesterday I got him his usual chicken nugget happy meal and then ordered a single cheeseburger on the side. I debated telling him or not, and eventually I did, to which he of course flipped out over, and told me he didn't want the cheeseburger, he didn't want to take it in and he wasn't going to eat it.

Fair enough. Miss Holly is nothing shy of a miracle worker. I was hoping for a little tiny bite. Which is what his usual first step is with these "harder" foods. I fed Claire in the car for the first part of therapy (who happily downs her whole meal no problem), and then we went in to wait in the waiting room for Henry like we usually do.

After we were in there for 5 minutes, Holly texted me a video. She takes pictures and especially videos of the really "hard" or "surprising" things so Henry can show me. I didn't even have to open up the video, and I already knew what it was, and already had tears streaming down my face. I sat there and played it, crying, in front of just the one other mom in the room while Claire yelled "nen-yen! nen-yen!" (how she says Henry) excitedly, over and over.

A few minutes later, Holly steps in the room to come get me (like she always does, so that Henry can always show me "one more bite" of whatever new thing he tried), and I was still crying, nodding my head that I had just watched the video.

People, that cheeseburger was 3/4 gone. It wasn't just a teeny tiny bite. It was almost.gone. Holly is one of the best things that's happened to us this year.

He does "better" in therapy than he does at home as of late. He'll get very excited to show daddy whatever the new food is in the days after when I make whatever it is, and then he'll kind of shut down and make it difficult to even get a few bites. But we're working on it. We've conquered two different kinds of eggs (hard and scrambled) and hamburger in two different forms in the past 2 weeks since returning from our trip.

One of Holly's strategies with the meat/eggs has been to "check his muscles" which you'll see in the video, I think. He gets a kick out of it, and we've been hitting hard on the whole "protein makes you grow, etc. " and he enjoys having us "check his muscles" and was even super proud of himself when I explained I needed to buy him a size 5 shirt at the gap yesterday. I told him it was because he's growing so fast because of all of his good protein eating :) I know sizing is different for everyone, but people, this kid has NEVER, and I mean NEVER been "ahead" of sizes compared to his age in his entire life. He's pretty much skipped from wearing 3T's in the fall/winter to needing 5T's for anything new I've bought him. And he's up to 33 pounds. :) 

Holly says he's her rockstar student, and he likely won't finish out the year, so to prepare for that, I made a written list of all the things I hope for him to try before he's done, while we obviously continue to frequently introduce them at home, hoping he displays the same ease and comfort he shows with Holly, eventually with us at home.

IMG 3158 from Jenna Sefkow on Vimeo.

Daddy decided Friday night we were celebrating by going out for cheeseburgers. Henry was excited and said he'd eat one. I was going to be happy with just a few bites. :) Most of you saw that video on facebook. He hate a good half, no problem. And in the video declared he wanted "all his friends to see how he eats cheeseburgers". Thank you again to everyone for all your support, congratulations, etc. It means more to me than you probably know :)
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