Claire Bear at 21 Months

Friday, July 19, 2013
I skipped over 20 months since we were away in Minnesota, so I guess there's a lot of catching up to do with her.

The biggest thing has been her two-word explosion over the past 3-4 weeks. She's been spitting out everything from "dada home", "green tree", "shoes off", "ranch too", and everything in between. A ton of it is still mostly only recognizable to us, but she's becoming more clear and more willing to work on her articulation when you repeat things back to her. New sounds she's mastered include the "k" at the end of words (so things like "pink" and "milk" are clear as a bell and she really enunciates the "k" sounds so it's pretty adorable). She also just mastered "ranch", also, super cute. "Yeah" continues to be her favorite word, as she'll answer most questions with it, using her best Minnesota accent ;)

Tantrums continue to be a pretty big part of the day. Usually when we are having issues sharing, or aren't getting our way, but half the time, for no reason, of course. She wakes up pretty grumpy some days and will throw down a giant fit if I don't carry her around for a while or put the TV on (two things I can't/don't want to do most days after nap). We just let her cry it out and she obviously forgets about it 10 minutes later.

Food intake comes and goes. Some days she doesn't really want to eat, other days, you can't give her enough. After going through what we did with Henry, I still see her daily food intake as completely normal. She's beginning to refuse some things, but not any where close to the extent that Henry ever did. Her current favorites are cheeseburgers, grapes, strawberries, pancakes, and milk. She uses a spoon and fork like a pro, but then there are still those days where she'd rather eat applesauce, ranch, and yogurt with her fingers.

Fine motor wise, I've been attempting more art time this summer, but she's not so into it. She'll do it, but she wants to do it her own way (which includes dumping the water for the water color onto her paper, etc.), and then she gets mad when I won't let her, and then she's done. Same goes with scissors, and the crayons when she doesn't press hard enough. She wants to try everything I let Henry do though.

If anyone is wondering, no, we haven't ventured down the potty training road. She could care less when she has poopy pants (doesn't go off and hide either), shows no signs of when she is peeing and ironically (despite wanting to do EVERYTHING else Henry does), has shown no signs of wanting to get on/ask/use the potty after Henry does. So that's that. After life settles down with Norah, we'll give it a real go, I suppose. I don't need to worry about Claire accidents when we are out and about with a new baby on top of it.

She loves books. Once you read her one, she'll bring you 10 more, 1 at a time, of course. She also tries to get one of us to read a book after the other just read it.

She's letting me put her "pretties" in without issue (pigtails) and actually leaves them alone throughout the day. She looks 6 months older when I put her little pigtails in, I swear.

I took these the other day. Spent about 13 minutes total. This is what she gave me, and only because Henry and I were singing. Waiting for the day when a bribe or something will actually help/work.

2013-07-19_002 2013-07-19_001

This one is really cute. We were singing 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree. I've been doing a little circle time with them--just doing the calendar for Henry, singing songs, reading books and talking about a letter. She's catching on to all the actions to the songs and may even be picking up on the letters too.

Crazy that's she's so close to two.

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