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Thursday, July 11, 2013
A few from the last week (no mom, I never took 4th of July pictures. I'm big, uncomfortable, and the thought of trying to get 1 of them to look at me and smile, let alone both of them, is exhausting just thinking about it).

We tried out the new splash pad in town over the weekend. It took them both a while to warm up, but once Claire got splashed in the face pretty bad, she was done.

Clearly, you can see they can't be bothered to look at me at all, but, at least I brought out the real camera for a change :), and you are actually seeing these.

Henry started a soccer skills class on Monday that runs for the next 8 weeks, and they both started swimming as well. Henry did really great at soccer. He was SO, SO excited about it before and after, and so proud of himself.

Swimming is Mon/Wed through the end of the month. Claire is in a parent-child class (similar to ones we've done before) and Henry is in his first real deal learn to swim class. He was much more comfortable the second day, but actually did much better than expected even on the first day. He doesn't want to put his face in, or wear his goggles for that matter yet. But, the teachers are pretty direct and he otherwise does everything else they ask (which was not the case in his last non-parent/child class back in Chaska). So far they've mostly been doing kicks and floats. Either way, he's doing way better than I ever did. Pretty sure I didn't take swimming lessons this young, and when I did (much older) I was scared, and never learned a thing. Ryan laughed at me when I told him I was thinking of taking the adult class they offer at some point.

There aren't any pictures of Henry swimming because I can't get close enough with the lens I have. They ask parents to stay back and out of the way so the child views the instructor as the instructor.

Oh, and a quick food update: Henry's going strong on eating cheeseburgers. He had one from Sonic and even ate one we grilled the other night!! Other new things this week include a handful of new cereals, a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, and MASHED POTATOES today (although, they didn't seem preferred at all). His homework is to try them two more times before our next therapy session.

Onto the pictures. I sure hope I can get better at posting more. Hoping to take Claire out in the next few days for her "official" 21 month session. Wish me luck.

2013-07-11_002 2013-07-11_003 2013-07-11_004 2013-07-11_005 2013-07-11_006 2013-07-11_007 2013-07-11_008 2013-07-11_009 2013-07-11_010 2013-07-11_011 2013-07-11_012

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