Sweet Pea #3, Baby Norah at 38 Weeks!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
This could be the final bump picture! But, there will likely be one more. Just one more picture of me pregnant.

I've had lots of questions about my scheduled C-section, so I'll address that here. Unbeknownst to me, while my doctor has delivery privileges at my chosen hospital (apparently the best around this area, making it pretty much a baby factory), he isn't affiliated or a partnering doctor of this facility (or something like that). What that means is he doesn't get dibs on times, or doesn't get as many times as others, or something like that. I didn't know this until about a month ago, when I still sat on a waitlist for the first three days of the 39th weeks.

Every week I heard the same story, "still on the waitlist, we have to wait and see, yada, yada."

Finally, at today's appointment, I jumped to first on the waitlist for August 6th. Chances are better that I will have a scheduled spot that day. I have a final appointment (final, so weird) on Monday afternoon. If at that point I still have someone else in front of me, my doctor will call in to have me deliver either after hours on the 5th or somehow get me in on the 6th, working his doctor magic, I guess.

So that's that.

I learned a valuable lesson when I was pregnant with Claire. When people asked when I was due, I'd always say "She'll be here by October 10th, if not sooner". Which always, and I mean ALWAYS got people asking why I was having a scheduled C-section (because I better have a darn good reason, right?)

This time around, I've simply stated in how many weeks I was due (using the 39th weeks as my "due date") because I didn't want to have to explain myself again. It was annoying.


Because I didn't/don't want a V-BAC. There are risks involved. I'm not going to be less of a mother because I didn't choose to go down that road. My babies are healthy, and my first is HERE BECAUSE he was delivered via C-section, thank you very much. Yes, it's major surgery, but the second time was an absolute breeze, and I'm guessing the 3rd time will be too. It's not scary, Claire wasn't at any additional risk, as will be the same for Norah, and it's safer for me. Kudos to all the mothers who have done it the "natural" way (ask me how much I HATE hearing that!), it's obviously a miracle and I'm sure an amazing and difficult experience, but I haven't and will never have a child that way, and I'm ok with that.

I actually had someone tell me about that stupid documentary the Business of Being Born last week. Yes m'am, the business of how MY children are born into this world is my business.

So that's that. If you read closely enough, you can read between the lines and see that this will be our final child. But I'll save that for another blog post.


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Sarah said...

GO YOU. You don't have to explain your reasons to anyone. You are an amazing mother!

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