Friday, September 27, 2013
Henry had his first soccer game two weeks ago. It was a little rough in the sense that he was nervous and didn't want to do much and just kind of stood on the field (which was vastly different than what he did while at the community center soccer skills class from July-August). Admittedly, I was a little upset at first, since he had previously done so well. Thankfully, I've got this great husband that helped me pull it together and we worked on ways to encourage him and get him over the fact that dozens of parents were now screaming "kick it", "run" "go, go go!", etc. as well as the larger number of kids flocking around the ball.

Last weekend's game was cancelled, so his second game was last night.

We did our best prior to the game to coach him on trying his hardest, running as fast as he could, and to not worry about all the mommies and daddies since they were all just excited for their kids. And that all he needed to do was try his best to be a sneaky squirrel (namesake to a board game he got for his birthday, which also coincides with their team name: The Super Squirrels) to try and catch up to the ball and kick it. We wanted him to get excited about it, just as he was at the community center class.

This little dude did a total 180 and ran his little heart out, even making contact with the ball a few times! The coach gives a medal to a kid each game (each kid will have their turn to get one), and last night's kid got it because he scored a goal. So now, unfortunately, Henry's equated getting a medal with scoring a goal, and therefore was sad that he didn't score a goal. We had to explain for like 20 minutes last night that he WILL get a medal, but that we don't know WHEN, and it may or may not be for scoring a goal. And that it's ok if he doesn't score a goal, as long as he runs and tries his best. We are obviously total newbs at this since it's our first kid in his first organized sport, so hopefully we're steering him in the right direction?

And as a photographer, I'll take all our soccer games at 6pm during the golden hour please!


Yep, he's the runt of the team.


Love this one. Like big, big, puffy heart it. and the similar one that follows. (So glad the husband has such awesome pictures with his kids. *wink, wink, nudge nudge*)

  frisco_newborn_photographer_024 frisco_newborn_photographer_025 frisco_newborn_photographer_026 frisco_newborn_photographer_027 frisco_newborn_photographer_028 frisco_newborn_photographer_029 

 It's a miracle I got any pictures, trying to contain the less-than-interested Claire. Thankfully, Minnie always comes with. In case anyone doesn't know yet, she definitely got the memo that she's almost two. definitely.


Norah, at 1 month.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Our 3rd baby is already at the first month milestone. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It DOES go fast. You blink and they are in preschool. I have so much deja vu holding Norah like I'm holding Claire again, because, really, it WAS just yesterday that Claire was the baby, right?

At 1 month Norah is:
-Still pretty sleepy. She pretty much wants to be sleeping or eating. With a clean diaper. That's all she asks. Easy baby so far.
-Last night we got our first stretches of 4 hours, which meant that after feeding her when we went to bed at 9:45, she was up at 2 and 6. So, for me, just once "during the night", so I'll take that.
-Starting to focus on objects in front of her and follow them. Henry thought this was pretty cool the other day.
-Seems to enjoy tummy time and lifts her head up slightly when on the floor, and really well when on someone's chest.
-According to our scale, she's already at about 10 lbs! As you can see in these photos, she appears to be getting her fill of milk.
-Loves the swing and sleeps in there during the day.
-For the time being, is in our master bathroom at night. We plan to move her to her crib when she's consistently sleeping through the night. However, if she appears to not be following suit and sleeping through the night around 2 months of age like big brother and sister did, I'd be inclined to move her up there sooner.
-Baby acne has started up a bit. Both Henry and Claire had it bad, so I assume she will too.
-Catch lots of sleepy smiles, and there may have been 1 awake smile the other day.
-Likes to hear this fish music toy (Ryan's FAVORITE) and this other little musical toy that was one of Claire's favorites.
-When awake loves to stare at faces.

Those cheeks!!!

043718 2013-09-03_010 2013-09-03_009

And that hair! That hair! That is literally all it wants to do. There's no putting it down. I love it, because it makes her unique! And as was promoted on fb with an IG photo, it definitely is some shade of strawberry blonde.

2013-09-03_008 2013-09-03_006 2013-09-03_007 2013-09-03_005
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