Norah at 2 Months

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Of course this post is a little late coming. But I figured I shouldn't fall off the wagon with baby number three so quickly.

At two months Norah is smiling and cooing quite often. She's awake for longer periods of the day. As with all the kids, the hours of 5-bedtime seem to be the hardest and it's typical that she doesn't want to be put down right when I need to be making dinner. or, usually, eating said dinner.

Sleep wise, she given us a string of sleeping through the night nights, and if not, is only waking up once. After the big party weekend is over here, I think we are going to transition her up to her cute little nursery. She's also finally staying down after I put her down for the night. Up until this point, I couldn't get her to go down until 9:30 at the earlier. Finally, she's staying asleep once I put her down between 8:00 and 8:30.

She loves bathtime, laying on her activity mat, and looking at everyone. Tummy time is not so desirable these days, but she is lifting her head pretty good when she wants to.

Still rocking the baby mohawk and has a bad case of cradle cap, just like the other two did. Baby acne came and went quickly though.

She pushes herself up on her feet if you hold her upright and has really good head control.

Falls asleep like a champ in the car and is mommy's rockstar shopper. I swear I could take her any where for any length of time. She was AMAZING on her first plane ride a few weekends ago. Ate and slept and didn't utter a peep on either flight. The people seated around me were impressed.

Henry and Claire continue to love on her, argue over holding her and who gets to wipe her spit up (yep, I kid you not) and love to lay on the floor with her when I put her down on the activity mat.

She weighed in at 12 lbs and was 23 inches long at her 2 month appointment.

Takes milk from a bottle pretty ok. And, she drinks defrosted milk. Thank.God. Claire did not. Don't ask me about having Ryan eventually throw it all out. Ugh.

She's getting baptized this weekend. :)

Now some funny faces.

frisco_newborn_photographer_054 frisco_newborn_photographer_053 frisco_newborn_photographer_052

Daddy informed me he was NOT a fan of this gymboree shirt. Oops.

  frisco_newborn_photographer_051frisco_newborn_photographer_050 frisco_newborn_photographer_048
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