Norah Caroline is 3 Months!

Friday, November 8, 2013
Time continues to pass.

Just yesterday, I peed on the stick, I swear. But alas, no, we've already reached 1/4 of a year.

We all know how fast Christmas comes and goes. By that point, she'll be nearly 5 months. sitting, perhaps.



Anyway. I only took a few. And I only have this one I posted on fb the other day for now, as I'm in the middle of crazy busy season.

At 3 months, Norah is

-engaging with all of us with great eye contact, giant smiles, and even has given us some beginning giggles! Oh, I love it.
-lifting her head up pretty good, but has made no real attempts to roll from tummy to back yet. She either gets lazy and just lays there, or gets upset quickly and needs to be put back to her back.
-still naps in the swing. It's easy. It usually gives me 3 solid afternoon hours of work time, so I'm not messing with it yet.
-2 nights ago, we moved her to her crib! yay! The first night she woke up twice shortly after I put her down, but then stayed sleeping until 4am. Last night she was up again at 10 minutes to 4, but quietly whimpered back to sleep until 5. daylight savings time messed us up. she was good to sleep until 6/6:30 before.
-getting her arms out of the swaddle here and there, but nothing like Claire was yet at this stage. I remember we cut it with her cold turkey right around 4 months.
-still is our easiest kid. she doesn't know how to throw stuff, steal things from the other kids, see things at Target she wants and throw a fit over it, or demand candy, TV or the ipad, so yeah. she's easy. i ran errands today from about 9-11:15. fed her before we left, and not a peep out of her (she was sleeping some and awake). claire, on the other hand...
-she's not liking defrosted milk, just like claire. this will likely lead to only one solution, and I thank you all in advance for not judging me for it. at this point, i'm not seeking out the gold medal for breastfeeding.
-likes the playmat on the floor. she'll sit there and accidentally swat and kick at the toys for quite a while before she gets bored.
-just started bringing her hands together and to her mouth. hasn't quite found her toes yet.

she so perfectly completes our family.

happy 3 months baby girl.


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