Baby Norah is 4 months already!

Monday, December 9, 2013
4 months last week. It seems I've only been updating this blog at the monthly markers for Norah. I promise we have other kids, and other interesting things going on to update about, but, that's of course just it. Not enough time in the day, that's for sure.

Little Miss Norah is now 4 months and is ::

-lifting her head really well and maintaining great head control while sitting in the exersaucer and when being held.
-tries sitting herself up in the swing and when in laps.
-smiles and laughs all.the.time. I can't get enough of her sweet smiling baby face
-laughs at her silly older brother
-sleeps through the night in her own room
-drinks about 6 ounces a feeding
-has made very little attempt to roll from belly to back
-rolled back to belly once, tonight, in fact!
-loves being held
-loves Row-Row-Row your boat, so-big and pat-a-cake
-falls asleep really easily for naps and snuggles
-speaking of naps, still in the swing
-still swaddled at night. beginning to bust out occasionally
-reaching and holding onto the toys that dangle from her play mat and small rattles -loves bath time and splashes water all over with her feet

I don't know her actual stats since her appointment isn't until this Friday, but I'm guess she's quite average to above average. Compared to the 3 month picture, she's definitely put on the adorable baby chunk this month and I love it. We're done with kids. Like done done. But I still look at her and get sad for all these "last time" baby things. There's definitely a reason people refer to their last kid as their "forever baby".

frisco_newborn_photographer_200 frisco_newborn_photographer_201 frisco_newborn_photographer_202

Yes, I know how gorgeous her Christmas dress is! I'm all about the trendy gold this year!

Happiest baby ever!


As you saw on fb, Claire joined in on the fun on this day. All for the promise of playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. It was magical.


Like, seriously, for the first time ever she understood "first this, than that". "first picture, mommy, then hippo game". Yes, she's moved on to calling us "mommy/daddy", and has crazy awesome language now.

frisco_newborn_photographer_206 frisco_newborn_photographer_207 frisco_newborn_photographer_208

Not all my attempts were successful. Couldn't get Norah up on this one. not even with a head swap.


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